Emotorad T Rex Electric Mountain Bike – Design, Features & Price

Emotorad T Rex Electric Mountain Bike – Design, Features & Price

Since 1817, after the first bicycle hit the streets back then the bicycle has come a long way. Electric bicycles have much to offer these days. The Emotorad T Rex hardtail mountain bike is the brand’s entry-level bicycle that can also double up as a daily commuter. Emotorad T Rex comes with multiple gears and suspensions that are easy to use and tackle the nasty roads. The addition of a battery and an electric powertrain has revolutionized bicycles in this fast-moving world. Without wasting any more time let’s move on to all the wonderful details this Emotorad T Rex bicycle has to offer.

Design of Emotorad T Rex

When it comes to a ride, looks are everything. The frame this Emotorad T Rex bicycle possesses is of 6061-grade aluminum. Despite its lightweight, the bicycle can encounter the toughest roads in India. The hardtail bicycle does not have any back suspension and only has a front suspension. This suspension comes with 60 mm of travel.  The Emotorad company brags about its bicycle’s durability and claims a lifetime warranty on all its frames.

Emotorad T Rex Design

The wheelbase is 2.6″ with a width of 2.1″. The rims are made of magnesium alloy and have 12G anodized spokes. This prevents rusting and will portray the best strength possible. The derailleurs have a 7-speed Shimano tourney, along with these are the thumb shifters which are premium in the segment.

The bicycle itself has a very simple look and mostly follows the traditional design of a bicycle and on the diagonal metal, the rod is where the battery is placed. The battery is a quick release and has a built-in charge indicator. The battery can be charged anywhere with the help of its charger. The battery is removable hence making the charging much easier.

The saddle is gel-based and is very comfortable. The bike weighs around 20 kg and carries a weight of about 150 kg. It has dual disc brakes and is 160 mm. The brake pads are made up of ceramic ones which give the rider better braking power and a better life as it ensures safety.

The 3″ display located on the handlebars is turned on after the battery has powered the bike. The display shows readings like the speed, odometer, battery charge, and voltmeter. It also displays time, the number of km traveled during a particular ride, and also comes with a stopwatch to check how long each ride took.

Emotorad T Rex Specs

The display also shows 5 levels of Paddle Assist (PAS). The PAS setting can be adjusted and changed according to the rider’s needs, this can be done through the plus and minus buttons that can be found on the display. The throttle is a twisted arm throttle and can be fully twisted. The range the bicycle covers on the throttle is 35-40 km and on PAS is 55-60 km. it can be at the top speed of 25 kmph.

The bicycle is available in white color with red and blue trippy detailing on it. It follows a traditional bicycle look and has a hood for the rear wheel instead of a steel rail. The wirings are hardly visible on this one. A bare minimum can be seen around the handlebars to allow easy movement of the handles. The battery pack and the motors are IP-67 and IP-68 certified which means even if there is a heavy downpour the battery and motor will not be affected.

Battery and motor of Emotorad T Rex

The battery used in Emotorad T Rex is Samsung lithium-ion battery. The battery can provide 36v and 7.8 Ah and takes about 4 hours to charge. The placement of battery is located on the diagonal rod of the bicycle. The batter provides its energy to the motor which is a BLDC motor. This motor contains a power of 250 W and provides 374 W. The battery and the motor together make the bicycle run at a speed of 25 kmph. Combining the throttle assist the max speed reaches 35 kmph per charge. Adding pedal-assist to this will give 50-55 kmph on a single charge.

Emotorad T Rex Specs

Special features in Emotorad T Rex – Fastest Electric Mountain Bike

This Emotorad T Rex bike does not have a back suspension but only a front suspension. The front suspensions are oil suspensions with 60mm of travel. It also has a dual disk brake of 160mm. The Emotorad T Rex has a drivetrain of a 7-speed Shimano derailleur. The frame of this bicycle is made of aluminum alloy 6061 hardtail and wheel rims are made up of magnesium alloy 26″ in size. The hardtail design is meant for rod use hence it could hit the trails occasionally. The taillights and the headlights are LED lights. The display has an LCD. The bike weighs 28.3 kg and can carry up to 150 kg.

Emotorad T Rex Features

Price of Emotorad T Rex – Best Electric Mountain Bike

The price of Emotorad T Rex is Rs. 49,999 in India but the range may vary on different sites. The price is justified for its comfort and ease of use and can easily be an alternative for an ICE-powered scooter. People can easily go for a finance scheme that makes it purchasable and feels lighter on the topic. The manufacturer’s dealership has spread to about 48 cities in India and will reach 100 cities very soon.


The Emotorad T Rex does not come with an enormous pack of features but still has enough to offer for daily use. Everything about this bicycle is very thought of even with the few features. This is what has been very impressive for many people who have experienced the T Rex. Testing the bicycle on the road has proven its uniqueness mostly through its features.

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