Kandi K27 – Cheapest Electric Car in America, Price at $10,000

Kandi K27 – Cheapest Electric Car in America, Price at $10,000

Chinese manufacturer Kandi Technologies has announced that it will start taking orders for its small four-door Kandi K27 electric sedan and slightly larger K23 electric SUV from August 18. The electric vehicles available today are miraculous things in many ways, but they all have one thing in common. You’re selling for more than many people can afford, even with federal, state, and local incentives available. So far, no company has offered the buying public the choice of a simple, inexpensive electric car that can rival the Hyundai Accents and Honda Fits of the world. Kandi America used the slogan “Auto EVolution for all” for the model premieres. With further subsidies from some states, they will be very pocket-friendly.

“Electric vehicles have been valued for their efficiency, sustainability, and innovation for years. Ownership of the ‘it’ car, however, has often escaped consumers who wanted a great electric vehicle along with all of the other conveniences of modern life. Kandi is changing that and revolutionizing the electric vehicle buying experience for many,” said Johnny Tai, CEO of Kandi America, in a statement. “At Kandi, our mission is to make electric cars accessible to everyone. With these first two models, we are starting an auto-EVolution with which everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can afford a reliable high-tech EV.”

Kandi K27 EV

Interior Design of Kandi K27

The K27 can accommodate four adults, however, I wouldn’t be shocked if the back passengers grumbled about being crammed into the cramped rear seats. The K27 is an electric Kei automobile with a length of 11.4 feet and a width of 4.8 feet. After all, that’s two more seats than a Smart car. It also includes a 9-inch touchscreen for the driver to interact with, as well as built-in music, Bluetooth, a backup camera, and parking sensors as standard. Those are features that some cars offer, however they are about the only noteworthy features offered. It’s a little bare-bones, but this is a bare-bones automobile, after all.

Kandi K27 Exterior

Exterior Design of Kandi K27

The appearance of this low-cost Chinese EV is similarly uninspiring. The Kandi K27’s design screams low-cost. With the large gap between the bonnet and the bumpers, the entire outward design tells everyone you didn’t spend a lot of money to purchase this car, despite the fact that the panel gaps on even the cars on the brochure would prevent it from rolling off the major vehicle production line. The front-end design has turned out to be a bit odd. The charging flap’s prominent placement on the front grille also makes one question if it was a last-minute addition. In hindsight, the side and back profiles look better. The chrome highlights on the side assist break up the body line, and the rear appears like any other generic inexpensive automobile, despite the fact that it rides on 14-inch wheels.

Engine & Battery of Kandi K27

A 20 kW electric motor drives the front wheels of this tiny EV. With only 26 horsepower on tap, this EV doesn’t appear to have much power, and it doesn’t, as the peak speed of this glorified golf cart barely exceeds 100 km/h. The instant torque generated by this EV’s electric motor is unlikely to result in any world-record-breaking acceleration. What you lose in horsepower, though, maybe make up for in range, since the K27’s oddly-sized 17.69 kWh lithium-ion battery is expected to last up to 160 kilometers on a single charge. That being said, forget about quick charging, as it isn’t available in any other EV on the market, or even on your smartphone. The Kandi K27 only accepts a conventional 240V wall socket, and charging the batteries from empty will take a full 7 hours. 

Kandi K27 Charging

Features & Spec of Kandi K27 

The cheapest new car in America also comes with a good number of safety features. The K27 does not have Autopilot or any other active safety technology, but it does have two airbags and ABS with EBD. When the brochure mentions door ajar warning, seat belt warning, and a speed sensing door lock system as part of their safety suite, you know the car is bare bones. Like other automobiles in the United States, the Kandi K27 has a mandated reverse camera that can be watched through the 9-inch central touchscreen inside. 

Kandi K27 Interior

Price of Kandi K27

The main illumination is that the Kandi K27 is cheap, to begin with, and blows all these other vehicles out of the water when it comes down to price. The Kandi K27 is the company’s first car to be offered in the United States, alongside the larger K23, outside of the Chinese market. Because of federal tax benefits, the K27 is the cheapest new electric car in the country, costing $10,000 for the base model.


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