TenneT To Add More E-BMWs To The Power Grid Project

TenneT To Add More E-BMWs To The Power Grid Project

TenneT, the biggest German power network operator is taking initiative on a project to study the use of EV batteries and how they are helping to stabilize power transmission networks.

Around 20 BMW i3 electric cars have been given away to private customers in the project launched in the year 2019. Around 30 more electric cars will also be given to the trading caravan of users over the next few weeks as part of the research study. This statement was made by TenneT in a report.

It also said that a few tests will be performed to connect the cars with the charging infrastructure and the electricity grids to advertise the renewable energy which flows and also to maintain supply security.

TenneT and BMW are amid a wider group of public and private sector partners who will be testing the germane hardware and software in the three-year strive.

Tennet To Add More E-BMWs To The Power Grid Projects

Automakers are rapidly exploring the connectivity between the EVs and grids as the major roll-out of the EV rendezvous.
The process is called, “bi-directional loa management” which means that the EVs not only just “fill up” with electricity but are also capable of sending some power back in the other direction when it is not needed or parked idle.

For example, the owners of rooftop solar panels can not only maximize the use of their home-produced green energy but also make some money by sharing the surplus.

CEO of TenneT, Tim Meyerjuergens said, “We are interested in finding new ways of flexibly steering weather-dependent, renewable power production and in that way to take the stress of the electricity grid,” TenneT is the main associate in the transition to a carbon-free economy, also operating the largest of the German’s four power transmission networks as well as the grid in the proximate Netherlands where the headquarters for TenneT is also located.

Maintaining the rhythm is a foremost objective of the company as Germany keeps installing more and more capricious wind and solar power. Whereas the dependable scope such as the nuclear and coal generation goes out of business due to the climate and safety regulations.

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