Cadillac Celestiq – Luxury EV Sedan from General Motors

Cadillac Celestiq – Luxury EV Sedan from General Motors

The Detroit automaker, General Motors, is all-in on electric cars. At a virtual CES event, they entered the arena with an all-electric luxury sedan labelled as Cadillac Celestiq.

This ‘ultra-luxury’ electric sedan introduces a new generation of smart-glass roofing technology and other cutting-edge technologies like the pillar-to-pillar infotainment display with a dramatic presence, a low profile, rearward proportions , and a curated selection of handcrafted materials. General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra said that the automaker is “on a path to an all-electric future underscoring the fact that the sedan is featured with zero-emission.


Battery Features Of Cadillac Celestiq

This premium refined vehicle is featured with the Ultium battery which was previously introduced in their own electric SUV Cadillac Lyricq. The battery supposedly contains fewer rare-earth materials than current GM batteries and is less complex to manufacture. There’s been no word on the Celestiq’s estimated fuel economy and charging specifications, but we can expect that to become available closer to the electrical sedan’s on-sale date. Nanotechnology is being used to not only improve automotive glass but also underpin the EV and auto-emissions-reduction movements while also boosting vehicle safety.

General Motors’ green mission sees Cadillac Celestiq as a starting point for a broader project. In the next few years, the group will bring 30 more electric cars to the public. The most anticipated one is surely the GVC Hummer EV, whose battery is expected to provide a record driving range of 965 km on a single charge.

Engine And Performance Of Cadillac Celestiq

The all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering sedan is showcased with an extravagant design and the engineering teams took advantage of the new space and explored opportunities to artfully integrate cutting edge technology. The front is modified and arrayed with a geometric grille covered in a transparent panel similar to that of the Cadillac Lyric. The grille looks significantly larger and is also featured with an illumination like the crossover.


The Celestiq will be propped up by GM’s pristine BEV3 platform and is going to be among the first donees of the Ultium batteries promising to offer as much as 724 kilometres of range in some vehicles. The sedan is said to have a range of at least 483 kilometres. The Celestiq will also emphasise a rear-wheel steering system similar to that of Mercedes EQS, to lower the turning circle and make the big sedan feel more graceful.

Interior Highlights Of Cadillac Celestiq

Each vehicle is pointed up with a curated picking of hand-crafted materials, and each Celestiq will be weighed to express the individuality of its owner, thus promising the Cadillac’s new flagship to become the benchmark car for anyone wishing to blend comfort, luxury and sustainability.


The interior is illuminated with the artful integration of technology taken to the next level, with a customizable experience for drivers and passengers alike. It has got a rear with boomerang tail lights and fastback roof. One of the most distinctive features of the Celestiq and the one which they are keen to highlight will be an all-glass smart roof divided into four quadrants, one for each of the occupants. This roof can be adjusted in terms of transparency to suit each passenger with the help of Suspended Particle Device (SPD) smart glass. The driver and front-seat passenger will enjoy a pillar-to-pillar free-form display with active privacy to help mitigate driver distraction. Rear-seat passengers have personalized entertainment screens. Console screens between seats in the front and back will separate individualized comfort settings from entertainment displays to minimize distractions.


SPD smart glass light-control technology offers instant and uniform control of the tint ofb windows that permits them with the touch of a button or automatically using a smartphone, tablet, smart speaker, smart home systems, or other control devices to change tint from dark to clear , or any level in between. It can easily and efficiently block over 99.5 % of light and 95 % of heat. This saves energy, creates privacy, and increases comfort and security.

A sneak peak at the interior, which prominently features a full-width screen for instruments and infotainment. There appears to be a screen in the center console/stack that can control functions including the roof panel illumination. The interior also has extensive wood and metal trim agglomeration with gilt-edged ambient lighting. With the help of nanotechnology these vehicles can stay 8 degree Celsius cooler than they would be without advanced glass technology. This results in far less air conditioning demand, which in turn allows the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to cut the size of AC compressors in their vehicles while also reducing emissions. Overall, the Celestiq appears to be far more modern than anything else in the Cadillac lineup.


Production And Cost Of Cadillac Celestiq

GM’s ultra expensive brand is far from being done with the EV’s progression as the production model won’t hit the market until late 2023 or early 2024.When the Cadillac Celestiq will emerge in production outline, count on a lavish starting price of somewhere in the region of $200,000.

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