Citroen e-c4 Electric – Everything We Know About This Electric Hatchback

Citroen e-c4 Electric – Everything We Know About This Electric Hatchback

For someone who is struggling to buy a car and has a hard time choosing between a family car, SUV, and coupe, Citroen e-C4 is an incredible choice as it excusably claims to be all three. The e-C4 is available with one motor and battery combination. This reduces the time spent checking all the specks before buying.

Citroen hatchbacks have been produced for the last 92 years and 10 generations have been produced so far since 1928. Following its hybrid design, the Citroen C4 hatchback is now being introduced as an electric car. The comfort and versatility it offers are quite exceptional. This electric version also encompasses modern, innovative electric mobility.

Design of Citroen e-c4 Electric

Citroen e-c4 electric Design

Combined with the character and the robustness of an SUV, Citroen e-C4 possesses the design that sets it apart from the elegance, fluidity, and dynamism of a compact hatchback. Citroen e-C4 electric comes with its exclusive design which includes the monogram “e” located on the front door and the tailgate of the vehicle. It also has a distinctive interior highlight with the anodized blue color pack. For its exterior, it has 18″ cross-light-alloy wheels that are designed aerodynamically for optimal efficiency.

Exterior of Citroen e-c4 Electric

The Citroen e-C4 electric car does not come with an automatic liftgate but it does have a keyless entry. It also has very high ground clearance. From the front, the car is distinguishable with the blue accent around the foam lights. The lights used have the latest technology. They are LED headlights and indicator lights. All of these lights are shaped in the most unique design. The foam lights and the daytime running lights are also LED lights. The daytime running lights are located on top of the headlights in the shape of a line.

Same for the rear, a set of lights also sits on top of the taillight with the same shape. The taillights are not the typical LED lights, they went with normal bulbs instead. Also, there is no LED in the rear foam lights. A pair of LED lights can also be seen visualizing the number plate. A back camera can be seen between those two lights. On top of that is the company’s logo.

Citroen e-c4 electric Exterior

The shape of the side view mirrors also has a unique design to them. It is geometrically shaped with a strip of light for the indicators. The bumper has a sports design to it and there are 6 sensors for assisting in parking and blind spots.

Since this is an electric car, there is a glossy plastic to imitate the exhaust pipe. A textured plastic for the protection of the wheel can be seen. It prevents scratches and dents. This plastic goes all along the foot of the doors to the rear wheel. On this plastic, there is a geometrically shaped design with a blue accent resembling the one on the front foam light.

The front also has 6 sensors, 2 for blind spots and 4 for parking. The design on the grille has diagonal lines with a radar situated in the middle. This radar is for adaptive cruise control, emergency brake, and other safety features. The air intakes allow the parts of the car to cool down. The charging port can be seen on the usual fuel tank side.

Interior of Citroen e-c4 Electric

Citroen e-c4 electric Interior

It has a high driving position and the seat is broader and cosseting. The seats also have adjustable lumbar support which is standard across the range. These will be of great assistance when going for a long trip on the motorway. However, the side support in tight bends is lacking. Adjustable seats and steering wheel are a great advantage but it takes some time to adjust to find a comfortable spot.

The e-C4 electric has physical knobs and buttons for controlling the air conditioner instead of a touch one. This makes it easy to adjust. It also has a 10” touch screen which displays temperature and other readings and sits high on the dashboard and has high resolution. It also comes with infotainment features which include built-in sat-nav, DAB radio, Bluetooth, and voice control, and can connect the smartphone to the car. It is also wireless charging for smartphones.

Citroen e-c4 electric Features

From the outside, the car may look crammed up but in reality, the car is quite spacious. A six-footer can easily settle in the front of the car. There is also some decent storage space for the phone and a tray that slides out on the passengers’ sides that can hold a tablet.

In the rear, there is enough space for two passengers but adding one more will reduce the shoulder space. The boot space can fit 5 carry-ons and the height can be adjustable. It also has a door space to store the charging cable.

Citroen e-c4 electric Space

Advance technology in Citroen e-c4 Electric

The Citroen e-C4 electric comes with a 20-driving assist system. This is done to enhance the safety, comfort, and serenity onboard. It also offers the best connectivity including a 10″ touch screen, wireless charging, and connected CAM Citroen.

Battery and charging in Citroen e-c4 Electric

Citroen e-c4 electric review

This Citroen e-C4 electric car comes with a 134bhp motor and a 50kWh battery and it takes about an hour to charge. With a full charge, it gives 217 miles but upon testing, it goes for about 139 miles. It can cover a speed from 0-60 mph in 9.0 secs. The acceleration may start to tail off between 50-70 mph.

Other features in Citroen e-c4 Electric

Suspensions in this car provide cushioning when coming across bigger ruts and speed bumps around town. Sometimes the car does make large twangs when hit by a sharp object.

The motor sound of this vehicle is very quiet and cuts off a lot of road roars. The car has trouble stopping smoothly and the brakes feel light when applied.


With the price ranging from 21,000 – 3,5000 pounds, this Citroen e-C4 electric car has much to offer. However, when it comes to brakes, some work needs to be done there. Overall it is an amazing option for a car.

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