Gocycle G4 – Premium Foldable Electric Bike

Gocycle G4 – Premium Foldable Electric Bike

The Gocycle G4 is a stylish, high-end folding e-bike that has been masterfully designed. All of its parts are expertly crafted. With the new G4 drive motor, performance is brisk and the folding mechanism is simple to use. Although the Gocycle G4 has the typical drawbacks of a folding bike, such as small wheels and minimal suspension, it is still simple to ride, provides a wide range of performance options through the phone app, and charges very quickly. Although it costs more because it is a luxury machine, if you plan to use it as your primary bike for daily riding, the expense is justified.

The Gocycle G4 is a fantastic example of the cutting-edge, inventive folding e-bikes that this electric bike manufacturer makes. The bike is one of three models in a series: the G4 has a range of around 40 miles, the G4i has a range of about 50 miles, and the G4i+ should have a range of about the same. For an additional fee, the latter two additionally provide predictive gear shifting. The Gocycle G4, that was being tested, is unquestionably costly but boasts a design and build that far more justifies the asking price.

The folding e-bike does indeed have a new G4drive electric motor built into the front hub that performs better. Even though there have been efforts to make the Gocycle G4 lighter, its 17.6kg weight makes it difficult to transport over any significant distance. The Gocycle G4 is ideal for anyone who wants a bike for their car, camper, or boat, even if the e-bike is most likely developed with commuters and city people in mind.

Design of the Gocycle G4

Gocycle G4

The Gocycle G4 is among the trendiest folding e-bikes on the market, yet everything about it has been designed to provide a better riding experience rather than just look good.

Unlike most folding bikes, our Gocycle G4 comes in a smaller box and requires less assembly. The bike’s weight, or rather lack thereof, is crucial to this. Gocycle’s most recent versions now weigh 1 kg less thanks to the adoption of lightweight materials. You can see this as soon as you unfold the bike. The frame has a central hinge that unfolds to form the majority of the bike. The saddle tube slips into the frame, and the handlebar stem folds up.

Fold the pedals open and tighten the elegantly designed fastening clips, and you’re ready to go. Depending on where each component is located, the engineers at Gocycle carefully selected a different material for that component. Not only does this helps decrease the weight, but resulting in a design that functions better in day-to-day use. The smart weight distribution that results from the deliberate design decisions makes it slightly easier to just lift the bike’s front wheel up over a curb.

gocycle g4 folding ebike

The Gocycle battery is built into the front part of the frame, and when the frame is finally opened, it can be unclipped and pulled out of the recess to be charged on or off the bike.

With beautiful 20-inch wheels and distinctive Gocycle tyres which really look the part, the design is sleek and basic elsewhere. Brake discs are covered, cables are mostly concealed inside the frame, and virtually all moving elements are hidden by ingenious design cues, so nothing may catch on garments or cause unintended oil stains on priceless articles of clothing. It also has a nice fold-down stand that unfolds into twin legs.

Performance of the Gocycle G4

Even on quite dismal roads, riding the Gocycle G4 is a delight. Gravel driveways and bumps are made more tolerable by a little damper beneath the seat tube, but particularly huge craters should be avoided because the smaller wheels are rather punishing.

Gocycle G4 Foldable electric bike

Once you get used to the front drive, the riding position is excellent and the motor seems reliable. Front-wheelwheel motors that pull you along can feel weird, especially over slick manhole covers or slick, newly painted road markings.

In order to maximise battery life and performance, there are three modes: City, Eco, and a bespoke option for more discerning or experienced riders who are certain how much assist they want from their e-bike.

The bike they examined was made to UK regulations, which meant that its highest speed and power output were restricted to the typical 15.5 mph and 250W, although some other regions give you more leeway.

go cycle G4

Only when the pedals are moving do they remain engaged with the motor. But if the going gets really tough, you may use the red boost button, which is located on the left side of the handlebars and is extremely useful for hill starts.

Price of the Gocycle G4

For $4,999 / £3,999 (about INR 3,98,000), the Gocycle G4 is now offered in white, matt black, or electric blue. The UK-spec electric bicycle included integrated front and back lights as well as mudguards. A front pannier bag with a compartment for the charger and additional storage was also there, but it seemed to be an optional extra.


Buy the Gocycle G4 if-

Your budget is large. The Gocycle G4 is an expensive e-bike, but it is worth the initial investment.

You desire modern technology. The Gocycle in its earlier iterations is still for sale, although the most recent version has some significant upgrades.

You have no storage. Due to its small size and convenient folding construction, this e-bike can be stored away even in small spaces.

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