Rad Power RadMission 1 – Stylish & Affordable Electric Metro Bike

Rad Power RadMission 1 – Stylish & Affordable Electric Metro Bike

The Rad Power RadMission 1 is a straightforward, affordable e-bike. RadMission 1 carries on Rad Power Bikes’ tradition of making high-quality electric cycles. It may have fewer features than more expensive models, but it in no way lessens its appeal. While it may not draw attention, this get-on-and-go bike will transport you from point A to point B with as much or as little electric support as you like.

The Rad Power Bikes RadMission has a lot going for it, much of which is due to its simplistic design. This electric bike appears to be ready to go right out of the box and without any extras.

Strong battery and hub motor support it, delivering gearless single-speed thrills for riders of all types and skills. Performance is more than sufficient for the majority of cycling circumstances, and vigorous pedaling is a delightfully easy experience. If you need it, variable assistance is available. Importantly, the RadMission 1’s strong disc brakes allow it to stop just as well as it accelerates.

In fact, given the affordable purchase price and the fact that this is a basic e-bike, the specification feels about appropriate. The RadMission 1 is a workhorse that everybody in your family can use, but it is unassuming enough to deter thieves, largely because of a fairly plain design. That’s advantageous if you commute, but it’s also helpful for casual use on a daily basis.

Design of the RadMission 1


The simplicity of the Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 is paramount. Given the design, it might initially appear to be just another non-electric bike. However, if you look closely, there are many features that are valuable additions.

Rad Power Bikes, however, has also recently been fostering its design ethos, giving earlier models in the lineup, including the RadWagon electric cargo bike, a facelift. The RadMission 1, therefore, arrives with a few nice embellishments. There are two types of aluminum frames available: a mid-step frame with a choice of black or white finishes and a high-step frame with a choice of black or grey finishes. A white mid-step model served as the test bicycle.

However, the style is a little more aesthetically acceptable than in prior cycles. The battery, which is the only true giveaway that this is an e-bike, is featured prominently on the downtube.

The finishing touches are provided by Rad Power Bikes’ features like integrated lights, one of which doubles as a brake light, flat, comfortable handlebars, and a practical rather than a comfortable saddle.

As you ride, the handlebars include a straightforward LED control panel with one push for power and one for power off. Pressing the + or – buttons will change the amount of assistance you receive, and LEDs will also let you know how much battery life is still remaining. Through this device, you may also turn on and off the lights. A twist power assist feature is available on the right-side grip.

Battery and range of the RadMission 1

Additionally, the bike has a brand-new 48V 10.5Ah 504Wh battery. This battery pack from Rad Power Bikes weighs 3 kg, which is almost 1 kg less than the normal battery pack but yet provides the same 45-80 km range. It can be unlocked and removed, or it can be charged on-site using the included cable pack.


The RadMission 1’s single-speed drivetrain contributes to its sleek aesthetics. Everything is rather simple because there are no unnecessary gears or derailleur arms. As you learn how to maneuver the bike for the first time, the 250W geared motor hub at the back, which is stunningly black, barely registers.

Performance of the RadMission 1

It seems really intriguing. It almost resembles a bike you could have manufactured yourself without any of the optional extras, most notably the full mudguards that were received with the sample. By the way, that’s praise as well. Before your first run, you’ll need to top off the battery and add some air to the tires, but other than that, the RadMission 1 will be ready to go.

If you don’t want to spend too much time getting used to the controls, this is an excellent bike. Simply press the power switch on the handlebars, choose the level of assistance, and turn on the battery pack using the starter key-style mechanism on the battery pack to get started.


The front brake was on the left because they were made to European specifications, but because you sit very straight on an e-bike, you never worry about accidentally falling over the handlebars if you forget.

The saddle in the Rad Power Bikes lineup isn’t the most comfortable, but it serves its purpose and has a quick release for on-the-spot adjustment

The handling of the Rad Power RadMission 1 was enthusiastic. The fun factor is further increased by the fact that it truly feels like you can fling it around a little. Battery life never really seems to be an issue, much like with the other Rad Power Bikes models used.


Get the Radmission 1 Ebike if-

You need an electric bicycle that performs in all areas. The RadMission 1 is a versatile bike that can be used in all weather conditions and for a variety of tasks, including commuting and shopping trips.

An electric bike that shouts for attention is not what you want. This e-bike will blend in with the throng and, ideally, tip off any potential bike thieves.

Although you want to try an e-bike, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. If you don’t like how the bike looks or performs, chances are someone else you know well.

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