India’s Largest Electric Vehicles Charging Station Installed At Gurugram

India’s Largest Electric Vehicles Charging Station Installed At Gurugram

On 28th January 2022, Gurugram witnessed the proud event of taking part in the history of the electric space of India. The particular reason for the circumstance is that India’s biggest EV charging station for electric four-wheelers was opened in Gurugram, Haryana that is loaded with 100 charging points. This station with a fusion of both fast and slow chargers exactly locates on the Delhi – Jaipur National Highway in Gurugram. This venture is part of a pilot project launched by the National Highway for Electric Vehicles tied together with NITI Aayog and several government agencies. This project aimed at installing EV charging stations on Delhi – Jaipur, Delhi – Agra highways and thus to transfer them into electric highways. Hence, a tech-piloting company named Alektrify Private Limited invested in this charging station that’s commissioned in Sector 52.

EV Charging Station with 96 Charging Ports

This charging terminal has 96 terminal charging ports comprising of 72 AC slow chargers and 24 Dc 52 KW fast chargers, moreover, the remaining four will be serviceable soon. The executives stated that one AC charger will take about six hours to charge on one EV vehicle and thus it could charge four vehicles a day. Likewise, a DC charger is able to charge a vehicle in less than two hours, in such a way 12 electric vehicles will be amply charged daily. On that account, (72 x 4) + (12 x 24)= 576 electric four-wheelers will get charged in ease every day.

This endeavor aims at taking up the chance of toppling down the business monopoly earned by petrol pumps and taking over the stature of EV charging stations. All these steps could help to attract auto users to switch from IC engines to electric vehicles due to the ease in attaining a license, electrification, installation, and Safety certification.

India’s Largest Electric Vehicles Charging Station Installed At Gurugram

The support from the Union government in the advancement of electric vehicles is evident in the conference between the Transportation minister, Nitin Gadkari, and the ministry to entrust foreign companies in the expansion of India’s first e-highway in the middle of Delhi and Jaipur. On the other hand, Sudhendu J. Singh, the advisor of NITI Aayog said that the country is looking forward to the involvement of EVs in the achievement of two targets- combatting against environmental dilapidation and attaining carbon neutrality by 2070. It is also announced that 8 charging stations will be established on Yamuna Expressway and 2 on cities like Delhi and Jaipur by utilizing the investments of private enterprises. Likewise, next month will see the initiation of 100 charging ports in Sector 86.

Abhijeet Sinha, National Programme Director, Ease of Doing Business program and Project Director of National Highway for Electric Vehicle in additional charge said,

“Electric vehicle charging station of this size and magnitude is rare and will be instrumental for the industry to experience actual Ease of Doing Business in smooth ‘Certification Compliance’ and ‘Safety Standards’. Electric vehicles are the future and this station is our prototyped preparation for that future,”

The government authorities who attended the inauguration ceremony were given the chance to explore the facilities out there in the station and also imbibed with the information related to various government standard compliances and services of charging station.

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