Long Range Variant Of Tata Nexon EV Named As Nexon EV Max

Long Range Variant Of Tata Nexon EV Named As Nexon EV Max

Tata Motors updated Tata Nexon EV called Tata Nexon EV Max as is making its debut on 11th May in the year 2022. Nexon EV was the first car to launch in January 2020 and after that, it has become an instant hit. Now the electric SUV will get all the much-awaited updates. Well, this new car is coming up with a few changes like the change in the name which is Nexon EV Max, it comes with a large battery pack and extended driving range. 

Long-range Tata Nexon EV Releasing on May 11th to Be Called the Nexon EV Max

The electric SUV gets an almost 30.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and with the upcoming model, it is expected to get a feature of a large 40kWh unit. It will get a new high-spec AC with a charging option which will juice up the EV in a fast mode. 

Tata Nexon EV Max

The old EV gives 312 km in full charge option, the upcoming Max version offers 400 km in a single charge. The current Nexon EV power train will develop 129 hp power and even 245 Nm peak torque. Tata Motors is expected to update the electric motor and it will offer better performance figures. 

It will even get cosmetic updates with all new features that will include alloy wheels, disc brakes on the four wheels, cruise control, and ESP. The current price of Nexon EV is Rs.14.54-17.15 lakh, it is an ex-showroom price. The new Max version will definitely co-exist with the standard model and it is expected to charge a premium of Rs. 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs.

It will modify the boot space; the floor plan and the motor will have more torque and power. The battery of the car will give 10 hours of charge and due to the long range, it will charge even faster to retain its speed. It will get more comfort and the convenience features like cruise control, park mode, and ventilated sear are the latest features of this new model. 

Tata Motors can even add air purifiers to the equipment. This new car will get ESP Electronic Stability Program. Therefore, buyers have the option of two cars under the Tata Motors Nexon EV line. 


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