Tata Motors Launches The Tata Ace Electric Version

Tata Motors Launches The Tata Ace Electric Version

Tata Motors launched its first all-electric commercial vehicle (SCV) in its portfolio which comes as the electrified version of the all-time admired mini-truck in India for more than a decade. Our hometown-based automaker made the dream come true to broaden its commercial electric vehicle line-up with a reserved guest that will be exclusively for the cargo vehicle segment.

Thus, Tata Motors officially launched its new Tata Ace electric cargo hauler that was already available in petrol, diesel, and CNG models for more than fifteen years. It was labeled as the most popular mini truck in our country that has met all the expectations that the fleet owners and commercial customers wish to own.

Tata Motors stated that the company has given keen heedfulness in employing the requirements of its commercial customers and hence co-developed with those companies to befit their demands and necessities. Henceforth, Tata has signed an MoU ( Memorandum of Understanding) with the multinational electric commercial, logistic and last-mile delivery operating enterprises like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, CityLink, DOT, LetsTransport, MoEVing, and Yelo EV to deliver 39,000 ACE electric trucks.

All-new Tata Ace Electric Vehicle launched in India with 154 km Range

This Tata Ace electric hauler is built on the company’s new ‘EVOGEN’ platform and the first vehicle of Tata motors to come out from this platform, in which the electric motor will be powered by a liquid-cooled lithium-ion phosphate battery pack that is specialized with an exceptional battery management system. Owing to this Evogen concept, the powertrain of Ace will be tackling grades of up to 22% under fully loaded conditions and even claims acceleration from 0 to 30km in just 7 seconds.

In addition to this, Tata has also got backed up by a car tech-baked fleet management system named ‘Fleet Edge’ that enables real-time connectivity like the live optimization of battery status and vehicle health. When Ace got electrified, it has got extra advantages like decent environment sustainability, connectivity features, a devoted EV infrastructure, and an advanced driving range when compared to other tough competitors in the commercial range. Tata Ace EV is loaded with an effective battery pack of a capacity of 21.5kwh that powers an AC induction electric motor that churns out a power of 36bhp and torque at the rate of 130Nm.

The charging system facilitates both fast and regular charging setup with two separate charging ports in which it would take around 105 minutes to juice up from 10 to 80% and the regular charging facilitates charging from 20% to 100% in 6 to 7 hours. Thus, this fast charging capability boasts of a better driving range of 154km. Tata also offers a Tyre pressure monitoring system and also lP67 water protection that is very much needed in our Indian highways and city roads that would easily get water clogged.

Tata Ace electric truck also endows a spacious cargo volume of 208 cubic feet in the lightweight container and thus effective packaging of goods and easy transportation of cargo got enabled. A 7-inch infotainment system is furnished with Bluetooth connectivity and the digital instrument cluster is mounted on the central dashboard. The rear parking camera system, TPMS, and navigation system are also featured in it as the highlighted properties.

It is announced that the sale of Tata Ace Electric EV will begin by the next quarter and we can also expect the price revelation close to the delivery date. As we mentioned, Tata has already introduced the Tata Ace Electric mini truck back in 2005 and 2 million units have been sold now 17 years later, we could expect the same response and admiration towards its electrified and advanced version as the company has already earned huge acceptance in this segment. The home-grown auto major also remarked that the company has got a 70% penetration in the Indian market share and in the overall electric vehicle sales in 2021- 2022, 0.24% share is by Tata’s electric goods vehicle.

As the two-wheeler and three-wheeler have already gained huge acceptance, the commercial electric space still seems to be void and Tata is sensing this as a significant opportunity to explore and rule over the electric commercial sector by the royal entry of its All electric Ace mini truck.

Here the words of N Chandrasekaran, the Chairman of Tata group about this revolutionary endeavor,

“At the Tata Group, Tata Motors in particular, we have embraced this fully and made a business model that integrates sustainability as one of the key pillars. Whether it is in passenger cars, our commercial vehicles, or in general Jaguar Land Rover, we are committed to making this transition and are accelerating it everyday. In the commercial vehicles we have successfully launched electric buses and we are seeing huge acceptance and pickup in that segment. Today marks the day where we are moving into e-cargo mobility…”

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