Apple Hires Top Ford Engineer Desi Ujkadhevic For EV Car Project

Apple Hires Top Ford Engineer Desi Ujkadhevic For EV Car Project

Desi Ujkadhevic was the former secret e ginger of Ford and now recently joined Apple to design their electric car. It is all set to launch in 2024. He joined Ford almost 31 years ago and worked through various departments that include the development of EVs. She had achievements on Ford and even Lincoln SUVs. She even focuses on Ford’s Fiesta and compact cars. Well, she can help Apple to understand the navigation regulatory system that becomes an obstacle for the company while during the testing of self-driving prototypes even on the public roads. 

Apple Hires Ford veteran Desi Ujkashevic to ramp up EV

She has great expertise in the safety and engineering protocols that can help and guide Apple in this complete project. To design the autopilot chip for the electric car, the company Apple joined hands with the company of South Korea. It helps them to outsource the semiconductor assembly and even go through the OSAT test. 

Apple is also taking the same way as Tesla because Tesla develops the autopilot chip from Samsung memory and then offers the assembling work to a South Korean company. Apple Car will have LED screens all around the vehicles that will inform the other drivers to know what a self-driving system looks like. The display will give braking information, it will give the car speed and even the other message in the form of video and graphics. This upcoming car will use C1 chip that is based on the A12 Bionic processor and it should have in-cabin AI capabilities with eye-tracking. 

Apple Self driving electric EV Car Project

She is a veteran executive of Ford and she is now working for Apple’s self-driving electric car. She is responsible to design an electric autonomous car. She has a great experience in this field and hence she is responsible to guide the Apple company to accomplish this project. Since 1991, she worked with Ford and served as a Director of Automotive Safety Engineering. Before this accolade, she completed many projects like interiors engineering, chassis, and exteriors and even look into the electrical components for almost any model of Ford vehicles. 

She worked for many models of Ford for example- Focus, Escape, Fiesta, Explorer, and even Lincoln MKC, and even Aviator. The information is directly derived from her win LinkedIn profile. She even helped in the development of the new electric vehicles for Dearbon which is an automaker in Michigan based. She even has knowledge of regulatory issues and that is the key skill for Apple to use and get the best car on road. Now the company Apple did not mention anything like hiring her in the press. But Ford announced a statement that Ujkadhevic already retired from the automaker Ford company.

For Apple, developing a self-driving electric car is a big project and they are positive that it will increase the growth of the sales of the company. Though there are numerous shifts in strategies still it is a positive vision in the eyes of the company Apple to create a revolution in the market. 


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