Mazda MX-30 – Specs, Features, Performance & Price

Mazda MX-30 – Specs, Features, Performance & Price

The upcoming Mazda MX-30 is the first-ever electric Mazda SUV and a glimpse into the future of electric vehicles from Mazda. The 2022 Mazda MX-30’s elegant styling and compact nature are sure to help it stand out in a growing field of EVs. This would put in direct competition with other small EVs like the Hyundai Kona Electric, Nissan Leaf, and Mini Cooper SE.

The automaker has sought to build on the legacy of its quirky rotary engine design, best known for its use in the RX-7 and RX-8 sports cars. An engineering marvel that uses fewer moving parts than a typical piston-driven engine, the rotary configuration has historically been challenged to meet modern emissions standards. Reimagined for the 21st century, this unique technology brings character to upcoming Mazdas and a bit of nostalgia.

MAZDA MX-30 Review

Interior Design of Mazda MX-30

The interior has a design that is inspired by Mazda’s current models but with an eco twist. In practice, we will get a driver-focused layout with a sporty three-spoke steering wheel and a clean design made possible by the car’s large infotainment screens, the main display is controlled by a scroll wheel rather than being a touchscreen. Conventional leather has been replaced with a vegan-friendly substitute and you also get environmentally sourced cork trims. It will have plenty of room for four adults with access to the back seats improved by the car’s reverse-hinged rear doors. The boot can easily hold on to a pair of large suitcases.

MAZDA MX-30 Interior

Exterior Design of Mazda MX-30

The exterior proportions give the crossover a feeling of strength and beauty, while the minimalist style offers a sense of sophistication similar to other Mazda vehicles. The Mazda MX-30 features a coupe-like design with a dramatic slop to the C-pillar. The integrated B-pillar allows for quick access to the back seat when the doors are open. Further complementing the stylish look is the slim front grille that integrates perfectly with the headlights.

MAZDA MX-30 Exterior Look Design

Engine & Battery of Mazda MX-30

The MX-30 will be available as a purely electric vehicle that uses a 35.5 kWh battery pack. An electric motor making 144 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque powers the front wheels. This new powertrain along with enhancements to the Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture help the electric crossover provide great driving dynamics. The Mazda MX-30 comes equipped with a Lithium-ion battery that will charge with standard AC power and faster DC chargers. The EV battery cell is prismatic with a total voltage of 355v. The 35.5 kWh battery can be charged to 80% within approximately 36 minutes using DC fast charging. There are paddle shifts for regenerative braking, which defaults to a mid-way position and can be reduced or increased to suit.


Features & Specs of Mazda MX-30

In the MX-30, a new floating center console and the door grips use cork, one of the most highly renewable and eco-friendly resources that also pays homage to Mazda’s origin as a cork manufacturing company for more than 100 years ago. The floating center console features an electronic shifter, a familiar multi-function commander knob, and shortcut buttons that will allow occupants to safely operate the Mazda Connect infotainment system. In front of this layout is a new seven-inch touchscreen that will display the climate control panel. All MX-30’s are generously equipped, including a head-up display and adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping on all models. Infotainment is fully featured, with Apple CarPlay support included and Mazda’s intuitive rotary control. It’s supported by steering wheel controls and a clear, crisp dashboard display.

MAZDA MX-30 Exterior

Price of Mazda MX-30

Details regarding the prices and manufacturing spots are veiled. In mid-2022, Mazda will introduce a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version using a rotary engine to extend the vehicle’s range. No details are available on that model yet.

The MX-30 is just the start of a series of planned Mazda hybrids. Mazda North American President Jeff Guyton told reporters, “Mazda is preparing for the fast-changing US market demands by taking a multi-solution approach to electrification. The battery-powered MX-30 will begin the introduction of additional electrified models, including a series plug-in hybrid with a rotary generator for MX-30, a plug-in hybrid for our new large platform, and a traditional hybrid for our new American-made crossover. While these powertrains will be optimized for their platforms, Mazda fans can expect great driving dynamics and beautiful design across all models. The rotary generator will mark the return of our unique rotary powertrain. This technology is being engineered for nearly silent operation and will replenish the battery rather than drive the wheels. As a result, the Mazda MX-30 will always drive like the engaging EV that it is, but with the freedom to charge from the wall or on the go.”

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