ORA iQ Electric Car – Design, Features, Price & Launch Date

ORA iQ Electric Car – Design, Features, Price & Launch Date

ORA iQ is a custom-designed passenger industry model developed specifically by ORA. Based on an in-depth study of current market policies and requirements. The first ORA model meets the needs of motorists in the ride industry. ORA IQ has strong driving skills, safety, style, patience, and suspension and thanks to the powerful “growing” performance in the professional arena.

The ORA Electric car has been manufactured by Chinese car manufacturers “Great Wall Motors” since 2018. It is a really enjoyable electric vehicle with excellent interior and exterior features. The design of the car is remarkably simple and attractive. The electric motor of the car makes it quite cheaper because it doesn’t require any fuel for driving. Electric cars don’t emit pollutants in the air so they are also environmentally friendly. It requires less maintenance as it has an efficient electric motor. Also, the presence of faster acceleration makes this car’s performance quite better.

Expected to be the most beautiful and amazing designed car, the best advantage of the car are the :

  • Electric window mirror
  • Window on the roof of the car
  • Automatic gears
  • 4 Alloy wheel rims
  • 8 slim led headlights
  • Magnet synchronous generator
  • 35 kW Ternary Lithium-ion battery
  • Armrest for the driver
  • Consumes less power
  • Peak torque of 280 Nm
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Safe, secure, and stable

Design and Style of ORA iQ 

ORA IQ has a glamorous appearance along with its lightweight design and four doors. The ORA IQ is positioned as the next version of the most all-inclusive electric wheel drive, with a wheelbase of 2,615mm, a width of 1,735mm, and a height of 1,567mm. It incorporates integrated design, front, grille, and small LED lights on both sides creating a sense of functionality and beauty. Aside from that, this hatchback trunk offers plenty of driving and storage space, as well as a spacious back living room. It is available in black, blue, and white dashing colors.

The exterior of ORA iQ 

ORA iQ Exterior Design

The manufacturing of the car makes it lightweight and long-lasting. Exteriorly the ORA Electric Car has a Three box Sedan body made with high-quality steel. ORQ IQ comes with a 5 seating capacity. It has 4445 mm Length, 1785mm Width, 2615mm WheelbaseAnd 140mm Ground Clearance. This electric car features Narrow longitudinal headlights, Long one-piece lamps along the entire width of the body, and a Rearview Camera. The small lanterns with cutouts at the ends of the fenders, as well as the long one-piece rear lights running the length of the body, were the distinguishing features of the exterior.

Interior of ORA iQ

The interior of the car is basically black and silver in color and has elegant styling.  An appealing feature of  ORA IQ is the driver’s armrest. Frontal airbags are installed for the driver and front passenger. Brake and hill assisted system, automatic parking brake and rear parking radar are other cool features. Keyless access and remote-control central lock system, baby locks are the features that match IQ’s contemporaries. Height adjustable steering column and great storage space in the trunk with compartments are given.

ORA iQ Electric Car

It also has a Communication system through which a car can be tracked wherever it is and a touch display gives it a touch of science fiction hence IQ cars can be managed and controlled by using mobile phones.

Battery and Charging of ORA iQ

ORA iQ Electric Car Charging

It has a great battery capacity of 46.57 kWh.  It can cover a distance of 400km in 12 hours of charging. The maximum speed of the car is 150km/h and the energy consumption is 13.1 kWh/100 km. There are two sets of chargers: one from the network and the other one at the gas station. Another very fascinating feature is its three modes; sport mode, normal mode, and eco mode, and a permanent magnet engine with 120 kW.  It can generate a maximum power of about 120 kW. The front and rear brakes are appropriate. Both the front and rear tires are 250/50 R17. It has a high-intensity engine power i.e. 163HP. Its mileage (range) is around 401 km in a single charge.

Why should you buy ORA IQ?

Being an electric version car, ORA IQ has monotonous advantages which are offered in about four models. It is a Chinese new generation hybrid car that is amazingly designed with a body type of Sedan. It is quite captivating and fascinating quality-wise because it is a people-oriented car. It fully meets the criteria and expectations of the younger generation. It saves the expenses of fuel due to its battery-operated characteristic.

ORA iQ Electric Car Engine

Criticism on ORA iQ

When most of the people were lost in the ORA IQ car’s beauty and advanced specification,  there were few behind them criticizing a little about its features. It also has some disadvantages. This car is less reliable for long destinations due to its charging problem.  Although it is a versatile car, it is a small-sized car in terms of its seats. The driver and the passenger seats are so narrow that I’m probably leaning to the left or right side.

Even though it has the capacity of five people to sit, only four people are comfortable including two at the front and the other two at the back seat. Moreover, it has a short laconic transmission tunnel. Its charging speed is exorbitantly slow. In addition, it is somehow an expensive car due to its undeniable specifications and the front exterior of the car was thought to be the least attractive than other cars of this ORA series.


The ORA IQ electric car struck the market with a revolutionary invasion in May 2018. This ORA iQ car was introduced by the Chinese brand Great Wall Motors with assistance to its electric vehicle brand. In the very first full year of its sale, from 2018 to 2019, Ora sold 10,300 units of IQ,  that’s massive indeed.

To sum up it can be said that the ORA IQ car is a compact crossover in a sedan body. This ORA iQ electric car was brought to hit the market with all the advanced and jaw-dropping specifications and features. It was offered at a very reasonable price and with an easy-to-follow installment plan because 3rd world countries are way too eager to introduce it into their market.

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