ORA R1: Cheapest Electric Car – Features, Specs, Performance & Price

ORA R1: Cheapest Electric Car – Features, Specs, Performance & Price

During the Auto Expo 2020 in India, Great Wall Motors presented the R1 electric hatchback. In its home market of China, it’s known as the ORA R1. ORA stands for OPEN, RELIABLE, and ALTERNATIVE, as the name implies, and all of its vehicles possess these characteristics. It will be inexpensive in India as well, and demand is projected to be strong given India’s ambition to become the world’s third-largest EV market by 2021. It was influenced by the Tesla Model 3, and there are numerous similarities between the two vehicles.

The ORA R1’s exterior design appears to be largely influenced by Honda and compact EVs, but it is made to be economical in some aspects, and it is the top level of the EV revolution, making it an appealing option in developing countries like India. By the year, it is the cheapest electric car in the world.

According to Ning Shuyong, general manager of ORA and vice president of Great Wall Motor, “As a new market entrant, ORA R1 delivers an unprecedented experience to drivers. ORA replaces the traditional sales, service, spare parts and surveys dealership-centered model that is common in China with a network consisting of ORA Home, experience centers, and smart outlets in the central business districts of Chinese cities.”

Interior Design of ORA R1

ORA R1’s interior is basic and elegant, with elegantly constructed extension lines. It has a four-seat arrangement with fabric-covered seats, accommodation for four passengers, and a trunk that can carry enough luggage for everyday needs. A three-spoke steering wheel looks great, and a nine-inch display screen floats on the center console, easily connected to your phone and providing entertainment as well as information on real-time traffic, navigation, and weather. More features, such as remotely initiating air conditioning, reserve charging, locking and unlocking doors, and authorization sharing of automobiles, are available with the ORA R1 Goddess package. Cloud voice control, Bluetooth connectivity, uphill assistance, speech recognition, an electronic handbrake, six airbags, a body Stabilization system, and a smart front view system are all standard features in the cabin.

ORA R1 Interior

Exterior Design of ORA R1

Cadet blue with titanium, titanium white, glitter black, sky blue, and titanium white paired with glitter black are among the five bright exterior colors offered for the ORA R1. With a total length of 3495 millimeters and a width of 1660 millimeters, this boutique-styled car offers a sleek and compact appearance. Its front end is boxy, with high-beam LED circular headlights and daytime running lights, and its back end has a minibus curve with equally beautiful tail lights in the form of a ring to illuminate your paths. ORA R1’s C pillars and sidelines are identical to China’s smart car, despite our smart car’s fifteen-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

ORA R1 Exterior

Engine & Battery of ORA R1

It has a top speed of 102 kilometers per hour and a sprint time of 17.1 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. This electric car has a driving range of 350 kilometers, which is quite efficient, and its six-speed automatic transmission smoothly changes throttle, offering enough power to run the front wheels efficiently, giving you front-wheel driving capability. The braking system is up to date, with ventilated disc axles in the front and drum axles on the back, to provide you with a braking system that applies brakes smoothly and provides you with an amazing driving experience thanks to its precise steering control and agile handling.

ORA R1 Electric Car

The ORA R1 is powered by a 35-kilowatt electric motor with a maximum power of 47 horsepower and torque of 125 Nm. The electric motor is powered by a 33 kWh lithium-ion battery that takes ten hours to fully charge using an onboard charger positioned in the centre front of the car, while a fast-charging station can charge the battery to 80% in forty minutes.

Safety Features of ORA R1 :

  • ABS with EBD
  • Hill start assist
  • Driver and C0-driver front Air-bags
  • ISOFIX child seats
  • Child door lock
  • Front and Rear Power Windows 
  • Rear Windshield defrost 

Key Features of ORA R1 :

  • Voice Control
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Front and Rear Ventilated seats
  • Front and Rear Armrest
  • Sensor LCD Screen with Bluetooth
  • USB for external audio interface

Price of ORA R1

In India, the ORA R1 will cost roughly 7 lakh rupees, which is still relatively affordable for such an environmentally friendly long-range and cheapest electric vehicle.

Great Wall Motors intends to buy GM’s Talegaon facility in Maharashtra in order to produce SUVs and electric vehicles in India. The Haval and a new Great Wall Motors brands will be used to introduce the company’s products. The Chinese corporation sells its products under four different brands around the world: Haval, Wey, Ora, and GWM Pickup. In India, the company planned to release its first model in 2021.

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