Renault Megane eVision – Amazing Specs, Price And Design

Renault Megane eVision – Amazing Specs, Price And Design

 Sneak Peak Into 2022 Renault Megane eVision 

Last year, Renault unveiled the Megane eVision Concept during the fully digital Renault eWays: The Challenge towards Zero Emissions event, hinting at the next-generation Megane for the European market. Keen to change the fate of one of its most popular models, Renault aims to revolutionise the hatchback with the new Megane eVision.

The concept Renault Megane eVision is built on the CMF-EV platform, the same platform as the upcoming Nissan Ariya. CMF-EV is a dedicated EV platform jointly developed by the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance for future electric vehicles. There will be some other styling similarities between the two models. Renault has not announced details about the future electric model, except that it was announced that the model will be called Megane E-Tech Electric.


At 4210 mm long and 1800 mm wide, the electric Megane is placed in size between the Hyundai Kona electric and the Kia e-Niro, but somewhat shorter than its step-sibling, the Nissan Ariya. Built at Renault’s Doucai factory in Northern France, all the pre-production cars will be covered with a tailor-made pattern from Renault Design, made up of lines and patterns from the new version of the iconic Renault logo, a design which creates a camouflage.

Interior Design Of Renault Megane eVision

Renault is yet to release any images of the interior, but given the futuristic approach to exterior styling, it’s clear it will be something special. The space inside is said to rival that of family saloons, as the new CMF-EV platform allows for greater use of on board space.  It is probable that it may come with dramatic ambient lighting which will add a sense of theatre to journeys and a state-of-the-art L-shaped infotainment system called ‘Livingscreen’.

Renault Megane eVision-interior

According to Renault, the high-quality screens and premium materials used within, plus its innovative design, will be rolled out to all future models. However, there is a lot that does not come with the basic version of the car: Air conditioning, the multimedia system and motorized adjustment of the side mirrors are optional. The luggage space should admittedly be quite good with its 300 liters. In the presentation, Renault’s design director, Gilles Vidal, revealed that the air vents are practically invisible and are hidden behind the car’s entertainment screen and display.


Exterior Design Of Renault Megane eVision

The grille on the eVision model comes directly from the Morphoz concept with narrow LED matric headlights merging into a strip running across the front of the car and surrounding an illuminated Renault logo. The addition of air stops in the front bumper help to direct air around the wheels to increase efficiency. Meanwhile, a rear spoiler mounted on the coupe-like roof also helps to aid efficiency.

Renault Megane eVision-5

It feeds down to a sculpted rear end which features an aluminium diffuser. Further aerodynamic improvements come in the distinctive 20-inch wheel rims, as well as the flush electric door handles, which open automatically when you approach the car. From the side, the creases running along the body don’t seem as deep and the wheels seem rather small for such a tall vehicle, front door handles sit flush with the doors, while rear handles are hidden in the C-pillar.

Engine And Battery Of Renault Megane evision

Based on the modular CMF-EV platform, the electric hatch will be powered by a 217 bhp or 160 kW electric motor, probably motivating the front wheels. A 60 kWh lithium-ion battery pack will supply the electric energy required by the system with Renault promising a range of about 450 kilometres between two charges measured by Europe’s somewhat generous WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure) cycle. There’s also a possibility of a bigger 87 kWh battery pack. However, the automaker is yet to confirm it. Renault also seeks to streamline power electronics, with an 800-volt compatible onboard charger produced in-house, and designed for use in both battery-electric and plug-in hybrid applications.

Renault Megane eVision-battery

Sales And Price Of Renault Megane eVision

Speaking of the price, the automaker has neither confirmed nor given a hint on it. Yet, we can assume by considering the information available. It would be between ₹  25 lakhs to ₹  30 lakhs.

The new Renault Megane eVision will not replace the existing Megane, with plans for it to remain on sale after the launch of the fully electric model. In fact, by the end of this year, the Megane is the only model which will be available with a diesel engine, as Renault drastically cuts its offering of diesel engines.. After its presentation in Munich, the MeganE will be launched in 2022 in various European markets. In addition, Renault will present a prototype of the R5 and will pay homage to the original model by bringing an assortment of certain ‘iconic versions’ to Munich. The company also announced that  by 2030, nine out of 10 cars sold are electric.

Renault Megane eVision-4


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