Teaser Of Harley Davidson Livewire S2 Del Mar Revealed- Launch by May 10

Teaser Of Harley Davidson Livewire S2 Del Mar Revealed- Launch by May 10

Harley Davidson will roll out its much-awaited electric motorcycle Harley Davidson’s Livewire S2 Del Mar on May 10. As the name suggests, it will come under Harley’s sub-brand, Livewire which was organized as a dedicated Ev division and will be featured with the company’s ‘Arrow drivetrain architecture’. Thus, the entry of this electric beast can be marked as the pioneer middleweight electric motorcycle, also it is the prime offering under the new ‘Arrow’, in which it will occupy as the groundwork for all the upcoming S3 and S4 models of Harley Davidson’s Livewire. Now, this good tide on the launch of Del Mar hails from the revelation of Harley Davidson and Livewire Ev CEO Jochen Zeite that Livewire’s first middleweight electric motorbike will be out for sale in the second quarter of 2022.

Harley Davidson LiveWire Teases Electric Motorcycle Launch

February of this year even witnessed the christening of their first S2 bike as ‘S2 Del Mar LE’. And now, Harley Davidson Livewire teased its most awaited electric motorcycle on live at the head of its worldwide debut on May 10.

The teaser video displayed a standard electric concept bike that was rolling on a flat track, henceforth we could not assume it as a street bike. And, it is structured on monologue chassis in which the battery pack is rounded with aluminum casing. We could not deny the fact that it bears a strong likeness with Indian FTR 1200. The term ‘S2’ in it represents the middle version in the electric bike company’s lineup. The LE embedded in it showcases that this premium one will be coming up as a limited edition. To be precise, the caption “Be 1 of 100 at launch 5.10.2022” explicitly flashes that it will be available to only 100 units.

The new arrow-based construction is commutable through which Livewire can utilize different battery and engine sizes to frame new vehicles. Thus, Harley Davidson LiveWire can be found in every nook and corner of the premium electric motorbike space shining with its distinctive multi-design styles based on this platform. In Del Mar, the arrow composition connects the battery pack with the steering head on the anterior side and also links with the motor and swingarm at the posterior portion to form a perfect chassis configuration. The motor is mounted behind the battery pack and adjacent to the swingarm pivot which is integrated with an air-cooled setup. The battery pack is a composite of 21700 types of cells that is capable enough to put out power that is similar to a 400cc internal combustion engine and also boasts of a range of 100km.

Teaser Of Harley Davidson’s Livewire S2 Del Mar Revealed- Launch by May 10

Thus, the proprietary and adaptable nature of arrow architecture will push the label of Harley Davidson Livewire to the rank of top electric motorcycle makers. Livewire has already come up with ‘Livewire One’ in 2021 which was remarkable to blast off a big step to the conversion of the traditional internal combustion-powered engine towards the electric powertrain induced highly efficient motorcycles. And now, the US-based premium motorcycle brand is aiming to use another version of Arrow that would be known as ‘S3’.

The global electric automobile industry is already under the decree of electric cars and if we are considering the small chunk of two-wheelers, electric scooters are more admired among the customers. In such a scenario where the count of electric motorbikes is less, the royal entry of Harley Davidson’s Livewire S2 Del Mar will be marked in history to flag off a distinct architecture and the depiction of cutting-edge technologies.

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