By 2023, Toyota Prius is going to be a Coupe-Styled Hybrid EV 

By 2023, Toyota Prius is going to be a Coupe-Styled Hybrid EV 

In the United States, RAV4 Hybrid is becoming Toyota’s best-selling hybrid model. Comparing its sales with Toyota Prius, the RAV4 hybrid is way ahead of the competition. But, by observing the previous records of Prius, Toyota is planning to launch a new variant of it. The new variant isn’t only expected to be an electric car but, will also have a sporty design and GA-C Platform. 

Sports Look of the Toyota Prius

It was first launched in 1997, and since the time it has been launched, Toyota Prius has always stood out for its peculiar and unique design. According to a  Japanese report, it has come out that, this model will have comparatively higher aerodynamic efficiency than other compact cars. Toyota in the fifth generation of Prius aims at streamlining it, not as a family vehicle but as a proper sports coupe. Toyota engineers are aiming to keep the coefficient of drag around 0.24  Cd. Also, the company is planning to keep a futuristic interior for the fifth generation of Prius, which can prove as an amazing selling point for them. 

Toyota prius Design

An enhanced version of Toyota Prius 3rd and 4th generation 

This time Toyota is focussing on an enhanced version of Prius, keeping in mind to provide a unique modular architecture so that the future customer finds the best facilities and safety measures in the car. Like the third and fourth generation, this model will also be available in hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants in most of the big markets like the USA, Japan, European countries,  and many more. 

A unique feature in Toyota Prius

The crux of the Toyota Prius model is that it will also carry the current 1.8-liter petrol engine in its hybrid system. According to Best Cars, the fifth generation of Prius will also be carrying the current lithium-ion battery pack. It is reported that there is no difference in the displacement but the gasoline engine will work more efficiently.

Toyota prius interior

Tough competition for Toyota Prius

Although the above points sound amazing, this doesn’t mean that Toyota’s work is done because, throughout the world, people have already adopted hybrid abundantly. Now, people are getting attracted to the EV. Trying to bring a drastic change by turning hydrogen-vehicle into commercial reality can turn out to be a great challenge for the company. 

Toyota’s late reaction to EVs clearly signifies that they are planning for some other unique alternatives to reduce carbon emission. It has also come out from an anonymous source, that the rumored hydrogen variant of the Toyota Prius can turn out as a great innovation. 

Talking about the fuel cell technology, here what happens is that, a chemical reaction takes place between the stored hydrogen and oxygen which thereby produces electricity and thus produces power for the electric motor, cars like the  Mirai and the Nexo use fuel cell. 

Toyota prius Engine

It has been in the talks, these days that the new variant might use hydrogen to generate power, using injection systems of gasoline engines and modified fuel supply. 

In the last few months, Toyota has also stated about the advancing hydrogen engine technology in motorsports. Currently, the company is working on testing a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that runs on compressed hydrogen in a Toyota Corolla Sport-based racing vehicle. 

The best car adds, that Toyota is rigorously working on hydrogen-engine commercialization in the upcoming 2-3 years. 

Toyota has estimated that by 2023 Prius will also become part of one of its electrified models, including HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, and FCEVs, which Toyota further plans to release by 2025. 


According to Toyota, a complete transformation with different modular architecture and design might attract the customers once again as Prius sale declined by 38% in 2020 while once in 2012, 200k units got sold out.  

But it’s not going to be a cakewalk for the company this time, because time has changed and with time people also change their likes and preferences. By simply watching the trends, it’s quite clear that people have moved on to SUVs and Crossovers, in such a tough competition releasing a sports car is a quite big risk. Moreover, the growing range of economic and affordable electric vehicles might act as a big threat to the company.

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