Aspark Owl – Design, Features, Performance And Price

Aspark Owl – Design, Features, Performance And Price

Aspark brand name may not be familiar to you even though it was founded in Osaka, Japan in the year 2005 by Masanori Yoshida. A long time after a decade, Aspark has revived with a real fast car to cope with the other electric automakers in the tough rival. This electric hypercar named Aspark Owl is known for its fastest driving range and futuristic performance due to the churning out of four motors. And, its production and development happened in the central part of Italy, Turin.

At the event of Frankfurt Motor show in 2017, Aspark displayed its concept model and it was the result of their hopeful effort of making up the world’s fastest accelerating electric car since the year 2014. Apparently, such a powerful entry is needed for Aspark as they did not offer any product before and while coming to the limelight at the time of high demand for electric vehicles, some sensational and attentive property must be introduced to place the brand label in the electric auto market among the other top-selling brands.

Aspark Owl Exterior

Such an agile battle helped Aspark to gain many record-breaking achievements like high output power of 2000hp, top speed, driving range of 280 miles, etc. Even though Aspark Owl is the first car of the Japanese automaker, they are only aiming at producing 50 units by the Manifattura Automobili Torino in Turina. As a result, the first units were delivered by the second quarter of the year 2021.

 Exterior Styling of Aspark Owl

Aspark Owl is a coupe designed with two doors and two seats in order to highlight its luxurious contour. Its body frame is molded with carbon fiber reinforced plastic that offers extended durability and toughness while stroking an aesthetic appeal to the electric beast. Although it proudly stands at a height of 39 inches its ultra-flat design displays it as a low flyer and comes up with confusion for the onlookers with the look of LeMans sedan. Additionally, it can also be mistaken with Apollo 1E and McLaren F1 along with the futuristic look of LeMans. The other dimensions are also revealed in which the width is measured to be 76.2 inches, length 188.6 inches, and approximately weighs 4189 lbs.

Aspark Owl Exterior Style

Aerodynamic engineering gives it a sporty and futuristic look even though the styling of the surface is sleek and smooth. It holds a concave bonnet in which the nose portion spreads sidewise widely and flatly moves forward and through which the four-wheel arches are bulged out. The cockpit where the operator sits is located on the central part of the chassis and from there the gull-wing doors open up like butterfly wings. Butterfly doors have been undertaken by the most luxurious brands to make it more pompous and lavish and likewise, Aspark Owl does.

Interior Styling Of Aspark Owl

The inner cabin of the Aspark Owl’s production car has come with noticeable changes when compared to the 2017 concept model. As the exterior is framed, the inner cabin is too structured with carbon fiber that makes the mass light and handy. The handmade elements in it make the classy look of Aspark Owl much more visible. Although the handmade properties are attractive, the dual-tone color scheme adapted in the interior is not much charming. As more details related to the interior are not available, the photographs of it displayed Black and White, Black and Brown color combination which can’t match with the futuristic exterior contour.

Aspark Owl Interior

As we mentioned, Aspark Owl is a two-seat and two-door coupe hence comes with limited cargo space and even a minimal passenger area. Only 2 cubic feet of storage space is offered in order to maintain the sporty look and this futuristic silhouette is also balanced by the elevation incorporated at the rear wheels.

Features Of Aspark Owl

The steering wheel is a flat bottomed one and the center console is a shiny element that is designed with a single piece of solid aluminum. Gold rims arranged on it do not blend well with the color combination.

Aspark Owl Features

Four display screens are mounted on it in which two of them are equipped with rear side cameras that are integrated into the side mirrors. All these four display screens and the infotainment system is equipped with connective technology whereas it lacks the presence of an infotainment screen through which the connectivity of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be enabled. Henceforth, the infotainment functions are only limited to a sound system. As usual, the trip computer mounted on it helps to estimate the distance traveled, average speed, average fuel consumption, real fuel consumption, etc. The standard features like wing mirrors and an active rear wing mirror can also be seen in it whereas Aspark Owl does not slay in incorporating more advanced or even standard driver assistance properties and elements.

Engine And Performance Of Aspark Owl 

If you could not find anything unique or mind-blowing about Aspark Owl, the detailed review of the performance will surely make your jaw drop. It is occupied by four permanent magnet synchronous motors ( Quad motors) that drive both the front and rear axle and making it a four-wheel drive. On the account of these four motors, the engine of Aspark Owl is labeled as the most powerful motor that has ever been built. It has got the ability to hit from a stop to 60mph in just 1.7 seconds, from 0 to 100mph in 1.9 seconds, and from 0 to 186mph in 10.6 seconds.

Aspark Owl Engine Performance

And, this is due to the combined effort of those four motors that produce a total output of 1480 kilowatts (1985hp). Aspark claims that it can strike a top speed of 249mph (400kph) and the revolutions per minute gained by the motor is the fastest ever with a round figure of 1475 lb/ft (2000nm). All these estimations have already made you convinced with its furious performance as a hypercar. Thus, Aspark Owl got an additional label to be a fast car along with its luxurious badge.

Battery, Range, And Charging Of Aspark Owl

Aspark Owl Bsttery Charging

The battery of Aspark Owl is engineered with a power of 800 Volt and it is a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 64kwh. The range claimed by NEDC(New European Driving Cycle) is given as 450km which is so unlikely to be the exact range of 280 miles. But, the reviews also marked a point that in some extreme circumstances, it can reach up to the level of the NEDC claimed range. Even though Aspark holds a cutting-edge drivetrain and stunning performance, it lacks that property in the matter of charging. Despite its 800-volt system and the capability to churn out 2000 horsepower, it only charges at a rate of 44kw which can’t be considered to be an impressive and seamless charging process.

Price And Launch Date Of Aspark Owl

Aspark Owl was already released at the event of the Dubai International Motor show in November 2019 whereas the delivery only happened by the latter half of 2020. With all the features and the styling demands, it can’t be affordable for mediocrity but can be earned by the rich and famous. Because this car is not meant for an everyday run but expected only for show-off. Henceforth, the price tag demands a cost of 2 and a half million euros (20 crores) The company is only expecting to deliver 50 production models of Aspark Owls on sale. 


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