Ather 450x Overview –  Specifications, Performance & Pricing

Ather 450x Overview –  Specifications, Performance & Pricing

In Today’s world, the automobile industry is standing on the verge of technological disruption. It is an inevitable fact that the technological revolution has made a profound impact on each and every aspect of our lives, including the automotive industry. At present, an electric vehicle is a favored choice due to its inherent efficiency that will shape urban travel and make our experiences seamless. Artificial intelligence already has and will revolutionize our commute experience, and the Ather 450X stands at the cusp of this reality.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Ather Energy launched Ather 450X back in November 2020 which is a massive upgrade to its predecessor Ather 450. Since then, this private start-up has its presence in 11 cities in India. Due to popular national demand, the company is now fast-tracking to raise its presence up to 27 cities across the country by the first quarter of 2021.

Ather 450x Review India

The Ather 450X is a beaming example of an electric scooter providing reasonably good performance without compromising on build quality and design. Being the sportiest electric scooter in the market, this two-wheeler has certainly got the better of many petrol-powered scooters. But the real question is whether the ‘X factor’ is enough to breeze past other competitors in the market…

Ather 450x Design – How does it look?

At first glance, the 450X sports a very elegant design. Unlike the usual funky and quirky designs that other EV’s offer, with the 450X it is all very classic. It does have some sporty bits to offer like the contrasting neon yellow stripes on its back wheel which blend in quite well with the overall discreet grey shade. The most striking feature would have to be the 7 inch Bluetooth touch screen with music and call controls, integrated 4G LTE SIM connectivity, digital document storage and onboard navigation even to nearest charging points.

The display is quite clear, has a neat touch, and also offers a dark mode.

Ather 450x Performance

Performance is where the 450X provides real value for money. The 450X is packed with a 2.9kWh lithium-ion battery that provides a battery range of 75km to 85km in Eco mode. They also tweaked the motor that translates to a higher peak power of 6kW. That’s not all, the peak torque has been upgraded from 20.5 Nm to 26 Nm, bringing out the true goodness of this e scooter.

Ather 450x Performance Review

The top speed is 80kmph however, 0-40kmph comes up within just 3.3 secs. Yes, that’s right, the way this e scooter gains speed is unbelievable.

There are four riding modes to choose between Eco, Ride, Sport, and Warp. Switching in between modes is seamless and the 450X is very responsive!  In eco mode, you get a nice 85km range which is pretty good for work and day-to-day trips. The ride mode offers more response from the motor and a 70km range, which is quite sufficient too. Sport mode would give a 60 km range which is ideal for the daily commute. And lastly, the warp mode is undoubtedly the most fun 50km range any scooter has to offer. That initial pull you get once you twist the throttle and the scooter shoots off in no time is exceptional, making it super easy to zip past heavy traffic in the city. Another cherry on top is the reverse feature which assists you to get your scooter off slopes and tight parking spots without any hassle.

Ather 450x Charger –  Convenient Charging

Ather energy offers at-home charging called ‘ Ather Dot’, an easy to install home charger to recharge your scooter at the comfort of your own home. With an electricity consumption of about 3 units, the 450X reaches from 0-100% within 5 hours and 15 minutes. Furthermore, there’s also a public charging network called ‘Ather Grid’ enabling you to recharge at public places like cafes, malls, and offices all around the city.

What’s New in Ather 450x 

The Ather 450X is considerably lighter than its predecessor the Ather 450 and there is no denying the fact that weight does play a major role in its better performance. The major chunk of weight saving has been made at the front of the scooter by installing a conventional tubular handlebar and removing the onboard charger, resulting in a 4kg drop in weight over the 450, giving it brilliant handling dynamics. Another worth mentioning feature would have to be the 22 liters boot space for all your necessities.

Ather 450x Review

Ather 450x Ride – How is the Ride?

In terms of riding experience, the 450x feels quite lighter and quicker to steer, owing to the weight difference mentioned before. However, the telescopic forks are much more firm and that makes the ride a bit jerky on uneven surfaces. The 450X also features disc brakes on either end providing excellent stopping power despite its massive pace.

Ather 450x Price – Worth or Not?

The Ather 450X is priced at ₹1,59,000 ( exclusive of registration charges, road tax, and insurance cost) but here’s the catch, for that price all you get is the base scooter only and customers have to choose between two subscription plans. Priced at ₹1999 per month is a ‘Pro package’ that gets you an acceleration range of 85km and access to fast charging at 1.5km/ min. Another option is thePlus plan’ priced at ₹1699 but that drops the battery range and the peak motor output.

Electric scooters are definitely here to stay, redefining the future of automobiles. Something we all look forward to especially in terms of sustainability. Not only Ather Energy but other companies like Bajaj and TVS have come out with some exceptional products creating quite a buzz in the e scooter market. However, there are very few scooters that can claim a feat of being enjoyable and handy both and the Ather 450X has claimed that title.

In conclusion, the Ather 450X is definitely an expensive buy and might be out of budget for some but its unique build and unparalleled performance make it a no-brainer. For the right kind of users, who want a fun, fast, and tech-loaded scooter the Ather 450X surely does not disappoint.

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