Canoo Van – Charming Specs, Price, Design

Canoo Van – Charming Specs, Price, Design

Canoo Van

The fully electric Lifestyle Vehicle of the young American car company Canoo is to roll off the production line in the VDL Nedcar factories in Born from 2023. Few months earlier it was announced that the Dutch group, which currently still builds cars for BMW, will produce vehicles for Canoo until 2028. Canoo, based in California, will bring the most space-efficient electric vehicle to market, pickups, minibuses and vans with a large payload capacity on a small footprint.

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At first glance, little effort seems to have been put into the design because the lifestyle Vehicle looks like a box on wheels. Building fully electric vehicles fits in seamlessly with VDL’s broad mobility proposition. For example, VDL is a European leader in the electrification of heavier transport, buses, e-trucks and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). VDL also equips car factories worldwide with automated production lines and supplies various VDL suppliers to the automotive industry.

Interior Design Of Canoo Van

Canoo’s proprietary electric vehicle platform is the flattest in the industry and has enabled potentially class-leading interior cargo volume on a small vehicle footprint. Interior volume is also maximized through Canoo’s signature driver-forward architecture, which was designed with safety in mind. The vehicle was designed from the inside out to be sensitive to the ergonomics and productivity of the people using it. Additional vehicle customization examples that focus on ergonomics and productivity gains include high roof height, storage lockers, roll-up style door, ramp slide outs and more.

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To maximize user functionality, the production vehicle plans to offer a bi-directional onboard charger in lieu of adding a separate DC-AC converter, which will transform the vehicle into a power plant for equipment and tools. A 125 V or 240 V AC output power plug can be incorporated into the vehicle so tools such as saws, drills and air compressors can be conveniently powered up at remote destinations.

Exterior Design Of Canoo Van

Canoo’s electric vehicle is honest. Nothing about the appearance suggests that this is a sporty car. The exterior says that this car wants to transport as many people as efficiently as possible. Seven people fit in it. In a vehicle the size of a Ford Focus or a VW Golf. ‘Normally you need a thick SUV of at least five meters’, says Van Roij, famous vehicle designer. The large amount of glass seems to be special. The windscreen starts between the headlights, which is unique. All that glass gives openness and visibility all around, something that is often problematic in an SUV.

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Engine And Battery Of Canoo Van

Unfortunately, Canoo has released very few specs yet. The only thing they mention are the expected specifications. This includes a 220 kW electric motor with a torque of 450 Nm and an 80 kWh battery pack. Furthermore, we know that the company will be using a skateboarding platform. In the skateboard concept, the battery, electric motors and the control unit are located in the floor and/or the wheels. This allows flexible use of the vehicle’s interior.

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The minibus can be used as a van, camper van or passenger bus. Offering more capacity at an affordable price, the MPDV (Multi Purpose Delivery Vehicle) superior range efficiency and urban mobility is enabled by a space efficient footprint. The vehicle is also designed to fit within many height restricted areas like parking garages.

Features And Specs Of Canoo Van

The multi-purpose delivery vehicle will be built on Canoo’s proprietary EV platform which features a steel frame construction, transverse composite leaf springs, a double wishbone suspension system, variable ratio steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire. The vehicle will be fully connected with data reporting capabilities and will feature Level 2.5 autonomy and over-the-air software updates. Steer-by-wire also helps accelerate the internationalization plans for the vehicle, allowing for rapid deployment of a right-hand drive offering. The vehicle also enables various workstations. For example, drivers who have to take notes per delivery or job will have the ability to place a laptop or other devices to the left of the driver’s seat.

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Price Of Canoo Van

Depending on the chosen variant, this model will cost between ₹ 25.6 lakhs and ₹ 37.8 lakhs. “We have conducted a thorough search for our first contract manufacturer, investing significant amounts of time and resources around the world,” said Canoo investor, chairman and CEO Tony Aquila. “VDL Nedcar is the right partner. They are the most trusted European manufacturer, outperforming the competition and building high quality products for leading brands. VDL Nedcar is owned by the Van der Leegte family, which is in line with our commitment to support companies that form the backbone of communities.”

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