Smart EQ Fortwo – Astounding Specs, Price, Design

Smart EQ Fortwo – Astounding Specs, Price, Design

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart, a brand that focuses on daily life budgetary vehicles have come up with a cubicle shaped automobile for urban dwellers and nuclear groups. “Drive electric” is the Smart motto. As a result, all models have only been available with an electric motor since the beginning of 2020. The model names have been extended by the letters EQ in accordance with the Mercedes sub-brand for the electrical activities.

Smart EQ Fortwo35

The vehicles are practical, compact and economical. As a city ​​car , the smart is a cult. Around half a million of the little speedsters drive through streets. Since the beginning of the year, Smart has only been selling electric cars. Daimler also wants to serve the niche of cheap electric cars with the Smart EQ and has given the electric smart a facelift. The Smart EQ fortwo now only runs on electricity. The electric motor and the battery are old acquaintances: one convinces with its lively temperament, the other provides a range that is sufficient for the city.

Interior Design Of Smart EQ Fortwo

Inside the Smart EQ fortwo’s dashboard has a funky design that changes in colour depending on which model you buy. Most of the plastics higher up are of decent quality, but some of those lower down and the Smart’s switches feel cheap. Entry-level Passion Advanced models come with cloth seats and a black fabric dash insert with great trim, while mid-level Pulse Premium models get a leather steering wheel and stainless steel pedals.

Smart EQ Fortwo-interior

Prime Exclusive cars get leather seats, ambient lighting and black dash trim and Edition one cars come with sporty Brabus touches including a new gear lever and floor mats.

Exterior Design Of Smart EQ Fortwo

The little Smart looks more dignified with its lower V-shape grill, also because the grill is now painted in the same color as the car. The modified headlights also shine with LEDs for the first time if required. When driving, the electric Smarts are much more fun than with the earlier combustion engines. Due to the short wheelbase and the wide track width, the Smart is already extremely agile in combination with its direct steering.

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Engine And Battery Of Smart EQ Fortwo

A locally emission-free and almost noiseless battery-electric drive is presumably the perfect drive partner for a convertible. What is certain is that the synchronous whirlwind provides a pleasantly large amount of fresh wind, although the engine itself has remained unchanged since 2017. With its 41 kW continuous or 60 kW peak output and an immediately available maximum torque of 160 Nm, the open city limousine marches off as if it had been struck by lightning.

Smart EQ Fortwo-battery

The two-door convertible sedan accelerates from 0 to 60 km / hr in under five seconds, to 100 km / hr in under 12; Smart sets the top at 130 km / hr. A city ​​car doesn’t have to be faster, especially not an electric car. With him it means to manage the energy. If you drive with foresight, you can almost completely do without the brake pedal and only move the Smart with the accelerator: you can hardly get more of that bumper car feeling. Even in the refreshed 2020 version, the Smart EQ fortwo is largely responsible for managing the energy itself.

Recuperation is controlled by a radar-based system where it automatically adjusts the distance to the cars in front while keeping an eye on maximum energy recovery. However, we lack a manual option for setting the recuperation levels – this would make it easier to play with the driving style, the range and the intervals between the charging stops. For charging, Smart puts a charging cable ex works for the household quick charging connection or public charging stations or a household electricity charging cable.

Features And Specs Of Smart EQ Fortwo

According to the manufacturer, the 2020 Smart is not just about the drive: the operation, use and configuration should also be smart. But the infotainment system of the Smart looks cheap and outdated. You can still achieve important functions. You will also look in vain for an inductive charging function, although the areas for it would be available.

Smart EQ Fortwo-4

At least there is a USB socket with which you can mirror Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on the screen and thus bypass the infotainment system. Inside the convertible performs a redesigned center console. With the new ‘Smart EQ control app‘, the most important functions can be controlled via smartphone: from charging to car sharing. Another advantage of the new media system.

Price Of Smart EQ Fortwo

The Smart EQ is available for around ₹ 18 lakhs prior to funding. After deducting the environmental bonus, the price drops to around ₹ 11 lakhs. All future Smart will be built in Ningbo, China, a metropolis around 150 kilometers from Shanghai. There, Mercedes and Geely founded the 50:50 company Smart Automobile Co. Ltd, which exclusively builds electric cars.

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