Dao 703 Electric Scooter Review – Performance & Price in India

Dao 703 Electric Scooter Review – Performance & Price in India

The market of electric vehicles is booming in all the major countries. The best part of the electric vehicles is that a lot of savings on the fuels like petrol and diesel can be made. With the soaring prices of petroleum based fuels the electric vehicle have become favourite of many.

You may have heard that the Dao 703 electric scooter is launched recently in India. The market of electric vehicles is booming in all countries including India. As far as the future is concerned the prospects for electric vehicles is very bright. Dao is a Chinese brand that is in the business of manufacturing electric scooters. In this write up we will have a look at the key features of this scooter along with different other aspects related to it.

S.no Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 72V / 30Ah
2 Power 3.5 KW
3 Range 100 KM
4 Top Speed 70 KM/hr
5 Price N/A

Exterior of Dao 703 Electric Scooter

On this scooter you will find different LED lights all around. A charging port is provided so that you can charge your mobile in case of emergency. A central locking system is provided along with the keyless operation facility which makes it very convenient to use this vehicle. The whole scoter is suspended on the front fork of telescopic type. A pair of rear shocks care also used in carrying the scooter weight.  The front braking system of this scooter is disc braking system and the rear one is CBS. The weight of the scoter is near 85 Kg.

Dao 703 Electric Scooter Review

Design of Dao 703 Electric Scooter

The unique design feature of this scooter is that it is made up of single piece exterior. That is the complete body of the scooter is crafted in a single piece. Two LED headlamps are incorporated in the design, one on the up and other on the bottom.

Engine of Dao 703 Electric Scooter

As this scooter is an electric one, it comes with the Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery. The rating of this battery is 72V/ 30Ah. The engine or the motor provides a power of 3.5 KW. A top speed of 70 KM / hr can be achieved while driving this scooter. The range of the scooter is near 100 Kilo meters, which mean that once charged, the battery can run for a run of 100 KMs. 

Performance of Dao 703 Electric Scooter

There are many attractive devices and features incorporated with this scooter, which makes it the best electric scooter to purchase. A very large LCD display of 9 inches is provided and the facility of reverse gear is also incorporated with this vehicle. An intelligent release system is also rendered with this scooter. This system is basically a kill switch which works on the basis of the signals from the proximity sensors.

Dao 703 Electric Scooter Review India

Why makes Dao 703 Electric Scooter unique?

A cruise control is provided with this vehicle along with the anti-theft system which is basically an alarm that activates when some unsolicited activity is done with your vehicle. An automatic power off facility is also rendered which makes this vehicle the best electric scooter to drive. The automatic power off is a very useful feature in which the power of the scooter is turned off during a roll over. A one click repair function is also installed in this scooter.

Pricing of Dao 703 Electric Scooter

The scooter has been launched by the company but the prices are not yet revealed by the company. As we know that the Chinese companies keep the prices of their products low and it can be estimated that the price of this scooter will not be too high. In fact it will be an economical option for the electric scooter offering a wide range of facilities and that too economically.


We have seen above, all the key features of the Dao 703 electric scooter. This scoter is the best option for people who want to have an electric scooter with all the required features. This scooter is indeed a complete scooter having all the modern comforts and facilities that one can think of. If you are looking for a complete electric scooter that can save your fuel cost, you should go for this scooter.

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