Fisker Ocean – Charming Specs, Price And Design

Fisker Ocean – Charming Specs, Price And Design

Fisker Ocean

Designer Henrik Fisker’s company is one step closer to series production of an electric SUV. The company has signed an extensive agreement with parts, development and production specialist Magna Steyr. 

Fully electric, made from recycled materials and with a vegan interior: the Fisker Ocean has to become the greenest SUV on the planet. In terms of concept, Fisker borrows his inspiration from Tesla. Not a conventional car, therefore, but a sleek and futuristic design, which on the inside is especially reminiscent of the minimalist of the brainchildren of Elon Musk.


Interior Design Of Fisker Ocean

The name was especially stimulated by the ‘vegan interior’. So no artificial leather, but a material that has a vegetable base. Fisker claims to bring the cleanest car ever on the market. To fulfill that promise, the car is of course fully electric and partly built from recycled material. And even after the Oceans have done their job, Fisker wants to reuse the materials from the cars. Inside, the Ocean has a straightforward layout that’s offset by some simple controls.

fisker-ocean interior

Along with a large touchscreen, the Fisker’s dashboard incorporates a digital gauge cluster, and a head-up display. The party piece of the Fisker Ocean is the ‘California’ Mode. Pressing the button moves nine different body panels with three windows on each side of the SUV, the rear hatch’s glass into the body, and the two panels that make up the solar roof shift, all to open at once.

Exterior Design Of Fisker Ocean

Using the Fisker-Flexible Platform Adaptive Design (FF-PAD), Fisker’s design, engineering, and software teams will integrate Magna electric vehicle architecture with Ocean’s award-winning exterior design. The new FM29 lightweight aluminum-intensive platform is the basis not only for the Ocean, but may also be the basis for the company’s future vehicles. Exclusive to the Ocean are the solar panels integrated into the panoramic roof.

fisker Ocean 2021

The development of complete vehicle concepts that meet the global requirements of future mobility is a key part of Magna’s global strategy. Their competence in transportation design starts out with idea sketches, covering Photoshop rendering, computer aided styling (CAS), physical model-making and feasibility phases, eventually finishing with a production-ready car.

Engine And Battery Of Fisker Ocean

Think of the range of 482 km, of which it is completely unclear whether these are EPA, WLTP or NEDC figures. The Ocean has a package of approximately 80 kWh. It is clear that there will be an engine on both axles, provided the customer opts for a four-wheel drive Ocean. Alternatively, it can also opt for only a motor on the rear axle. Regardless of which one you choose, the car should be able to complete a 0-96 km / hr sprint in 2.9 seconds. Fisker is working with Electrify America to simplify payments for Fisker vehicles at EA’s charging stations.


Unlike many of its competitors, the Ocean can also accept the full 150-kW charging rate that many of EA’s stations deliver. Fisker estimates charging from 15% charge to 80% adds 200 miles of range and takes 30 minutes at 150 kW. Fisker also says every Ocean will come with a bundle of free miles on the Electrify America network, but no packages have been announced yet.

Features And Specs Of Fisker Ocean

A state-of-the-art heads-up display integrated into the windshield will be complemented by a large 16-inch centre touch screen and a 9.8-inch cluster screen. From augmented reality features to haptic touch buttons and immersive digital experiences, the vehicle offers impressive visuals all around. Fisker is working on integrating a Karaoke mode that will display lyrics from your favourite song in the windshield without having to take your eyes of the road.


The Fisker Ocean features a unique, industry-leading structure that protects the battery pack in the event of a side impact. Extra reinforcements have also been added to the body structure to protect passengers and the overall vehicle in the event of an impact.

Price Of Fisker Ocean

Fisker promises that one million Oceans will roll off the production line every year from 2022, in factories in North America, Asia and Europe. The price is estimated around ₹ 34 lakhs. The agreement between Magna and Fisker for the production of the Ocean covers planned volumes, production costs, quality objectives, schedule and launch dates.

fisker Ocean

” With less than 500 days to run before we start on-time production of the Fisker Ocean, we are simultaneously focused on crafting our customer journey. Our brand experience centers will be the primary physical touchpoint for the majority of our prospective customers. Our global rollout plans are focused on the largest metropolitan areas for electric vehicle adoption – and where we can meet the greatest number of our reservation holders,” said Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO Fisker Inc.

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