Genesis Electrified G80 – Staggering Specs, Price And Design

Genesis Electrified G80 – Staggering Specs, Price And Design

Genesis Electrified G80

Hyundai’s Genesis premium brand is through and through focused on imminent plans for electric vehicles featured with ultra-luxury. Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, has unveiled its first all-electric vehicle, which appears to be an electric version of its G80 sedan at the Shanghai Auto Show. This conventional machine with spectrums corresponding to an Audi A6 illuminates a design well endowed with complexion, a standard built interior and has been chosen to be the first production electric car from Genesis .

Genesis Electrified G80 electric car

Based on the flagship Genesis sedan, the G80, the Electrified G80 promises even more smoothness and stability achieved with its all-electric powertrain. Outside, the electric G80 differs from the gasoline and diesel versions only in the bumpers, a stylized plug instead of a radiator grill and the absence of exhaust pipes.

Engine And Battery Of Genesis Electrified G80

The Genesis Electrified G80 is equipped with four-wheel drive with two electric motors, one on each axle, each of which produces 185 hp and 350 Nm. Only the rear engine is constantly running, and the front engine is connected if necessary and thereby producing a total of 370 hp and 720 Nm of potency. Acceleration time to 100 kilometres per hour is estimated at 4.9 s. The Electrified G80 is also able to switch between two and all-wheel drive for improved efficiency and increased range with the help of the Disconnector Actuator System (DAS).

Genesis Electrified G80-7

A suspension with adaptive dampers that change stiffness based on data from the front camera, which scans the road in front of the car, is standard, although this is an option for petrol versions. According to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), Electrified G80 delivers an estimated maximum range per charge of more than 500km so a sub 480 kilometres result is expected from the more modern WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure) procedure. The size of the battery has not been, for the moment, communicated by the Korean brand.

With the help of its refined 800v charging system, the vehicle can be recharged from 10% – 80% in just 22 minutes using a 350kW DC rapid charger. The Electrified G80 can also perform vehicle-to-load (V2L) charging, so you can charge other electric cars from its battery at up to 3.6kW which is the same speed as some home chargers. A regular solar panel on the roof also makes a modest contribution to the accumulation of electricity.

Interior Design Of Genesis Electrified G80

The interior, when audited gives an impression of being lifted from the standard car with a widescreen infotainment system, very minimal switchgear, and premium focus with leather dominating the cabin materials. The Electrified G80 has an advanced active noise cancellation system. Using the same principle behind noise-cancelling headphones, Active Noise Control-Road (ANC-R) system, eliminates road noise by analyzing data from the four sensors and six microphones built into the car and then producing noises at the opposite phase.

Genesis Electrified G80-interior

Ecology will play an important role in the interior of the vehicle, and some of its parts have been manufactured from recycled material. For greater perceived sustainability, the company has increased the load of materials of synthetic and recycled origin. For example, natural dyed leather will make part of the seat, while the remaining wood from furniture making will make the trim a completely eco-friendly part.

Exterior Attractions Of Genesis Electrified G80

From the outside, the G80 promises to be an ecological vehicle matching the interior. An elegant Matira Blue color is actively used that refers to the South Pacific Ocean. Depending on the viewing angle it can show cobalt, emerald and turquoise tones. Two-line headlights and an aerodynamic crest grille make up the front of the car, which, complemented by the turbine-shaped wheels, offers an imposing appearance. The charging connector hatch is located just in the front cap, but it is so cleverly disguised that it is completely unobtrusive.


Price Range Of Genesis Electrified G80

At the moment, everything indicates that we will have to wait for the beautiful Genesis masterpiece to hit the streets. We expect to learn more about the Electrified G80 closer to its on-sale date later this year. Genesis has not yet released pricing information, but can hope to experience a similar assembly of models as the gasoline G80 and a starting price around $60,000.

Genesis Electrified G80-6

Dominique Boesch, managing director for Genesis Motor Europe, commented: “Genesis is already well-known for its impeccable high standards in design, technology, safety and reliability. However, it is our mission to offer so much more than just great products. We know that customers today crave experiences, and the onus is on us as a premium luxury brand to deliver a service which provides both convenience and exceptional hospitality to our customers. That is how we will stand apart.”

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