Kollegio Neo Electric Scooter – Design, Performance, Features & Price

Kollegio Neo Electric Scooter – Design, Performance, Features & Price

Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo is focused on developing electric vehicles for the Indian market that are practical, attractive, inexpensive, and long-lasting. The R&D team has worked on the product for over two years, and it is finally ready to enter the market. In AutoExpo 2020 – Greater Noida, Kabira Mobility unveiled six electric scooters that are suited for college students, executives, and last-mile delivery fleets, and includes an electric scooter that is expressly built and developed for the inclusion of specially-abled people.

Kabira Mobility, a new electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has released the Kollegio Neo, a new iconic ergonomically designed distinct type of modern electric scooter in India. Kabira Mobility’s Neo is a low-speed, ergonomically designed electric scooter.

Design of Kollegio Neo

Kollegio Neo Design

The Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo electric scooter has a stylish ergonomically different design language with a different style LED headlight setup with LED day-time ruing light (DRL), LED turn indicator light, stylist rearview mirror, and modern iconic design body panels that give the electric scooter a more appealing different ergonomically look. The Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo has a 250W hub motor and is powered by a 48V 20 Ah lithium-ion battery pack. The electric scooter boasts a lengthy riding range of 100 kilometers on a single charge, with charging times ranging from 4 to 6 hours using a typical ordinary charger. The Kollegio Neo electric scooter from Kabira Mobility comes with a 5-inch completely digital instrument cluster and a comfy seat.

Features of Kollegio Neo

For an enhanced experience, the Kollegio Neo Electric Scooter comes with best-in-class Mobile App Connectivity. Electric Scooter with a Compact Design that is Both Affordable and Eco-Friendly Ideal for college students, intercampus commuters, last-mile connectivity, and daily commuters. The Neo e-scooter by Kabira Mobility costs Rs. 55,790. It comes in three colors and one variation. The motor is 250 watts. The Neo from Kabira Mobility includes Disc front brakes and Drum rear brakes. 

Kollegio Neo Seating

Comfortable seating is another important feature to consider. It has a seat for you and your co-pilot that has been meticulously developed. Its alloy steel disc brakes provide constant smooth braking. For enhanced security, LED tail lights to improve the field of vision during the night.

Kollegio Neo Tyre Brakes

Performance of Kollegio Neo

Kollegio Neo SMart Dashboard

A 250 W motor is connected to a 48 V, 24 Ah Lithium-Ion battery in the Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo. The scooter is said to have a range of 100 kilometers per charge. The scooter is best suited for your daily city excursions and would be an excellent choice. Furthermore, we recommend that you take a test ride to get a greater sense of performance and comfort. The Kabira Mobility Neo can reach a top speed of 24 kilometers per hour.

Battery & Charging in Kollegio Neo

Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo is a low-speed electric scooter powered by a BLDC hub motor with a 250-watt motor. The 48V 20 Ah lithium-ion battery pack is installed in the electric scooter. The Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo has claimed the amazing long-riding range offering, which can travel 100 kilometers on a single full battery charge, with the range varying depending on the electric scooter’s riding conditions. The usual ordinary charger takes 4 to 6 hours to charge a lithium-ion battery pack. The electric scooter has a top speed of 24 kilometers per hour. You can ride in any weather and terrain thanks to the high-torque BLDC hub motor that is water and dust-resistant. The new electric scooter also features a sophisticated FOC-based controller that optimizes real-time data from the motor for improved on-road control and a better riding experience.

Kollegio Neo Suspension

Launch Date, Availability & Price of Kollegio Neo

The Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo electric scooter is the ideal choice for consumers who want to go carbon-free while riding a sleek, ergonomically unique electric scooter. In the Indian electric vehicle market, the Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo is offered in three appealing color options and only one model. The available colors in this model are Glossy Yellow, Glossy White and Matte Black. The Kabira Mobility Kollegio Neo electric scooter will be offered across India at all approved Kabira Mobility electric vehicle showrooms. Its Ex-showroom Price is ₹ 57,044 RTO and Insurance Cost is ₹ 5,442. If one wants to know the On Road Price is ₹ 65,909. 


Kabira Mobility’s Ideal Two-Wheeler is Kollegio Neo. It also comes with a safety cover lock that can be tightened for optimum coverage and stability in high winds. It also protects the car from the elements, such as rain, scrapes, and sun damage. It also has compartments on both the left and right mirrors.

These high-speed bikes are ‘Made in India,’ with Combi-brakes, onboard rapid charging, and roadside support, making them as tempting in terms of aesthetics and performance as ICE motorcycles. On a single charge, the electric motorcycles can reach a top speed of 120 kmph and have a riding range of 150 kilometers. Kabira Mobility electric bikes include a sleek aerodynamic appearance, a fireproof battery, park assist, and a slew of other innovative features. 


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