Lucid Air – Staggering Specs, Price, Design

Lucid Air – Staggering Specs, Price, Design

Lucid Air

The segment of electrically powered luxury sedans is now officially richer by one representative. In the new factory in Casa Grande, Arizona, series production of the Lucid Air officially started and the first vehicles are to be handed over to customers at the end of October. Lucid Motors says it goes a step further with the Lucid Air when it comes to luxury and comfort. 

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Both the driver and passengers have sufficient space and it is optionally possible to adjust the passenger seats by 55 degrees. The car offers space for four people. The design of the car and interior radiate real luxury. The car is minimalistic, but at the same time looks sporty and luxurious. The Lucid Air will be the version with the longest driving range. The American electric car brand Lucid has established itself from the start as a premium manufacturer that wants to compete with Tesla or Mercedes. Even before the Air is on the market, it is already ahead of its rivals with its record driving range.

Interior Design Of Lucid Air

The layout features a floating display that measures 34 inches long on top of the dashboard. This screen has three distinct sections. The farthest to the left is for vital controls, like operating the headlights, windshield wipers, and defrosters. The part in the middle is for the adaptable instrument cluster for information like speed and range. The area on the right is for multimedia and navigation. On the center stack, there’s a tablet that Lucid calls the Pilot Panel. It shows the controls for the vehicle systems, HVAC system, interior lighting, and seats. The key behind Lucid’s software suite is adaptability to what the driver needs.

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There is a toggle switch and buttons on each side of the steering wheel, in addition to a dial between the screens on the center stack. These are for folks who prefer physical controls. Drivers can use Amazon Alexa voice controls, too. The right section of the upper screen and the Pilot Panel can also work together. Swiping downward on the higher display sends the info to the larger, lower one, including expanding the amount of info that’s visible to the larger area.

Exterior Design Of Lucid Air

Air has a flawless finish, often accented by platinum polish canopy roof trim. The lines and edges enhance the overall elegance of the vehicle. Exterior lighting is another way Air gets its wow factor. Designed entirely in-house, the Intelligent Micro Lens Array headlights are dazzling to behold. And at the rear, a sweeping speedform tail light creates an uninterrupted impression of light and depth.


Lucid Air is further opened up by its astonishing Glass Canopy. This optional solid glass roof spans the entire cabin almost without interruption, giving everyone in the car a gorgeous view of the sky above. The Glass Canopy  also has a slew of protective interlayers to block out heat and sunlight.

Engine And Battery Of Lucid Air

The four-wheel drive top version of the Lucid Air has two electric motors, good for a combined maximum power of 1080 hp. That is enough to push the electric super limousine from 0 to 100 km / hr in 2.5 seconds and to give it a top speed of 270 km / hr. In high-speed tests on the track of the Transport Research Center in Ohio, an unlimited prototype even reached 378 km / hr. There will also be variants with less power and less explosive performance.

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The Lucid Air relies on a battery pack developed thanks to input from Formula E. The capacity is 113 kWh and the autonomy is 832 kilometers, measured according to the American EPA method. Lucid Motors is also very proud of the charging speed of the batteries: per minute that you charge the battery, you can drive approximately 30 kilometers. So when you hang the Lucid Air on the charging station for 20 minutes, you have filled up enough power to travel 480 kilometers.

Features And Specs Of Lucid Air

Lucid Air is the first product from the Californian manufacturer, Lucid Motors has ten years of experience in electric racing. This also includes Formula E, whose battery technology and battery management system comes from Lucid Motors and in which battery technology has not suffered a single failure in two years. A microlens array made up of thousands of light channels forms the headlights and thus a lighting system that can be used to control the direction of the light.

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Price Of Lucid Air

Lucid plans four models of the Air, of which the base version will remain under ₹ 60 lakhs. You also have the Touring, the Grand Touring and the limited Dream Edition. The latter sells its skin from ₹ 1.2 crores, but then you have the full 1080 horsepower at your disposal.

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