Opel Vivaro-e – Astounding Specs, Price And Design

Opel Vivaro-e – Astounding Specs, Price And Design

Opel Vivaro-e

Opel is rapidly expanding its range of fully electric vehicles. Now they are making up headlines with their first commercial vehicle known as Opel Vivaro-e. The commercial vehicle of the future is based on the recently released 3rd generation Vivaro. This means that the electric version also benefits directly from an innovative design, a versatile interior, great comfort, plenty of connectivity and a large loading capacity.

Opel Vivaro-e-4

No sooner has Opel been integrated into the French PSA group, than the brand gets a big finger in the pie in the delivery van division. Opel is developing at least two of the three delivery vans in the current range. This also includes a derivative on a yellow license plate. The brand is also introducing the Vivaro-e Combi and the Zafira-e Life which is marked under electric 9-seater bus category and the new top version of the Zafira Life. The Opel Vivaro-e is ideally suited for emission-free delivery of goods in urban areas, while the Vivaro-e Combi and Zafira-e Life offer spacious, luxurious and comfortable passenger transport for six to a maximum of nine occupants.

Interior Design Of Opel Vivaro-e 

The interior has many storage compartments and can function as a mobile office. Selecting forward and reverse is done using a rocker switch on the lower centre of the dash. Above the gear indicator is a button for Park and below is the B-mode function for the higher level of regenerative braking. Another rocker switch to the left selects the Normal, Power and Eco Drive Modes. The rest of the cabin closely resembles the original Vivaro. That means it’s nice and comfortable and well put together, but it is on the small side. The seating position is quite low, and for bigger drivers it will feel cramped. It could do with larger mirrors and more space in the footwells.

Opel Vivaro-e-interior

Exterior Design Of Opel Vivaro-e

Opel has developed the new Vivaro-e for a wide range of customers and therefore offers various body styles, such as a crew cab, platform cab or passenger version, with a payload of up to 1,275 kg and a Gross Vehicle Weight of 2,800 to 3,100 kg. The most compact version with a length of 4.60 meters has a remarkably short turning circle at 11.3 meters. This makes the Vivaro-e very manoeuvrable in tight spaces. Thanks to its height of 1.90 meters, the Vivaro-e can also park in most parking garages. Opel supplies the Vivaro-e in three length variants.

The S is 4.60 meters long and has a loading capacity of 4.6 m3. The M measures 4.95 meters and has a loading capacity of 5.8 m3 and the longest variant, the L, is 5.30 meters long and has a loading volume of 6.6 cubic meters. 



Engine And Battery Of Opel Vivaro-e

The basic version has a capacity of 50 kWh and a range of 230 kilometers (WLTP). The version with a 75 kWh battery offers a range of up to 330 kilometers (WLTP). Via a 100 kW DC charging station, the 50 kWh battery is charged to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. With the 75 kWh battery, this takes 45 minutes. Depending on the distances traveled daily and the time available to charge the battery, the user can choose the standard 7.4 kW charger (1-phase) or the optional 11 kW charger (3-phase). In both cases, the integrated charger guarantees a long battery life, which already has an eight-year or 160,000 km warranty.


The lithium-ion battery consists of 18 (50 kWh) or 27 modules (75 kWh) and is located under the cargo area, so that no cargo or cabin space has to be compromised. In addition, according to Opel, this location ensures a lower center of gravity, which has a beneficial effect on the stability of the vehicle. A regenerative braking system, which recovers energy during braking and deceleration, increases efficiency, says Opel.

Features And Specs Of Opel Vivaro-e

While driving, the special e-INFO display shows useful information about power consumption, range and remaining battery charge, so that the driver can organize the trips efficiently. With the optional 7-inch touchscreen and Multimedia Navigation, it’s easy to find the fastest route to any destination. The optional Opel Connect services provide the best digital tools for route planning and range monitoring via smartphone.


To increase the ease of use of the Opel Vivaro-e and Opel Zafira-e Life, Opel offers targeted solutions for electric vehicles, such as ‘OpelConnect’, the ‘myOpel‘ app and ‘Free2Move Services’ from Groupe PSA’s mobility brand Free2Move. The services are accessible via handy apps. The ‘Charge My Car’ function of the Free2Move Services app provides access to more than 140,000 charging stations across Europe, including clear payments.

Price Of Opel Vivaro-e

Opel offers a warranty of eight years or 160,000 kilometers on the battery. Both new electric Opel models can be ordered now and the Vivaro-e Combi is available from ₹ 26.5 lakhs excluding VAT. The electrically powered Opel Vivaro-e is the next step in Opel’s extensive electric model offensive, but also the next pillar in the success story of the Vivaro, which was introduced in 2001. From 2024, Opel will offer an electrified version of every passenger car and commercial vehicle.



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