Lotus Evija – Everything About The Limited Edition Electric Sports Car

Lotus Evija – Everything About The Limited Edition Electric Sports Car

Lotus is presently putting the finishing touches on its new manufacturing site in Hethel, England, where the electric Lotus Evija will be unveiled soon. Lotus has already provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse. While several competitors offer hybrid powertrains, this model commits to being all-electric and comes with a supercharger.

This Lotus Evija is available in a single trim level that includes enough features to satisfy even the pickiest hypercar buyers. Climate control and a sophisticated entertainment system are among the car’s basic interior features. Lotus provides a wide range of color finishes and interior trim options, allowing you to customize the Evija to your preferences. Keep in mind that only 130 models will be produced.

Interior Design of Lotus Evija

The Lotus Evija has two seats and a pair of dihedral doors that lead into the cabin. To maintain the car’s clean, sculptural design, these doors don’t have handles and are controlled by the key fob. The doors can be closed using a switch on the overhead console once you’ve entered the vehicle. The Evija’s electrically adjustable front seats are made of carbon fibre and have thick microfibre padding. The steering column’s inclination and length can be adjusted manually, and there are two unique storage areas adjacent to the occupants’ hip points. Climate control and three-point seatbelts are included as standard features, with four-point harnesses available as an option. The cabin of the Evija has an appearance that is both classic and modern.

Lotus Evija Interior

Exterior Design of Lotus Evija

Its outward design is inspired by race cars that are designed to dominate the track. Butterfly doors and a wide rear wing are among the car’s sheet metal features. The Evija is a symbol of Lotus’ newfound stability in the industry, and for what it’s worth, the manufacturer is making good use of it by creating the Evija to seem like a true hypercar.

From the strong design lines throughout its body to the curving hood that evokes past Lotus racers, the Evija was designed to inspire emotions normally reserved for Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini. Lotus’ goal is to make the Evija one of the most aerodynamically sound hypercars on the market, thus the sophisticated cuts and aggressive detailing are all part of that. The Venturi tunnel design also provides birth to Evija’s most eye-catching design feature – the red LED lights that wrap around each tunnel and double as the hypercar’s rear spotlights. The rear part of the Evija is both visually captivating and aerodynamically unparalleled, from their design to how they appear flanked by the sloping rear bumper and the angry-looking rear diffuser.

Lotus Evija Exterior

Engine and Battery of Lotus Evija

The Lotus Evija has four electric motors powered by centrally mounted lithium-ion batteries. System output is 2,000 hp, combined maximum torque peaks at 1,700 Nm. That is enough to propel the electric hypercar from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and to give it a top speed of more than 320 km/h. The unspecified battery pack promises a driving range of 400 kilometers and would be fully charged in 9 minutes, assuming you find an installation that can handle 800 kW. While the prototype featured a detuned electric powertrain and lacked some of the car’s more advanced features, like as active aerodynamics and torque vectoring across its axles, it nonetheless produced just over 1600 horsepower and demonstrate its ferocious acceleration.

Features and Specs of Lotus Evija

Lotus makes a point of low weight. No mean feat with an electric hypercar, as the batteries add quite a few kilos. Yet the Evija does not put more than 1,680 kilograms on the bascule. Thanks to the monocoque, built entirely of carbon fiber and weighed only 129 kilograms. The body combines gullwing doors and camera mirrors with active aerodynamics, including a DRS module and several Venturi channels. The motorsport-inspired chassis features adaptive dampers, the magnesium alloy wheels are filled with AP Racing carbon-ceramic discs and are girded by Pirelli Trofeo R tires. The hypercar has 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch wheels at the back. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available on the Evija, and Lotus has included an onboard modem to help with cloud connectivity. Drivers can monitor the Evija from anywhere using a smartphone app, which lets them check on things like battery charge status and driving range.

Lotus Evija Design

Price of Lotus Evija

Lotus wants to build 130 units of this Lotus Evija, each copy will cost about ₹ 16 crores. The first cars will be delivered next year. Lotus doesn’t offer a particularly impressive limited or powertrain warranty. The company also doesn’t include any complimentary scheduled maintenance. The limited warranty covers three years or 58,000 kilometers. Powertrain warranty covers three years or 58,000 kilometers and No complimentary maintenance

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