Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle Preview

Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle Preview

Pure EV is an IIT Hyderabad-based electric car start-up. They produce the majority of 2-wheelers in form of bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles. Today, two bicycles are offered by them and one of them is Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle. Here, we will have a look at the key features as well as other important details related to this electric bicycle. This Etron+ bicycle has a travel cost of only 5 paise per kilometer, according to Pure EV. 

With the increasing prices of fuels like petrol and diesel, people are moving forward to try electric vehicles as an alternate option. The fuel economy of electric vehicles is great as compared to conventional vehicles. Many new and established automobile companies have started manufacturing electric vehicles. Pure EV is one such Hyderabad-based company that is in the business of producing electric 2 wheelers.

Let’s now look at the Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle specifications in detail.

S.no Feature Specification Detail
1 Battery Capacity 500 kWh
2 Power 250 W
4 Top Speed 25 KM / hr
5 Range 40 KMs
6 Charging Time 6 hours
7 Price 34,999 INR

Design of Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle

Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle Design

The design of the Etron+ electric bicycle is very unique and attractive. Etron+ bicycle frame is a 20 inches steel frame, weighing around 24 kg. It is fitted with 2.35′′ pipes and has double-wall alloy wheel rims. Etron+ is a 7-speed electric bicycle, not an electronic single-speed vehicle. The electric bicycle is supplied with front and rear disc brakes and a Telescopic Suspension.

Engine Options in Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle

Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle PErformance

A 500 kWh battery pack with a range of 30 to 40 km comes with Etron+ from Pure EV. It features a 36V hub motor with a power output of 250W on the back wheel. The Etron+ battery pack may be detached and takes generally up to 6 hours to recharge completely. Etron+ features 5 pedal help levels and this pedal-assist has a maximum range of 60 km. It features a digital display that shows all relevant bicycle parameters. The electric bicycle has a maximum speed of 25 km /h. The speed of this electric bicycle can be reached 25 Km/hr in a duration of 7 seconds. Hence we can conclude that the acceleration of this electric bicycle is very good.

Other Important Features offered in Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle

Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle Features

We have seen above, the main features of the Etron+ electric bicycle. Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are many other features offered in this electric bicycle. The digital display is technologically advanced with all the important readings related to the electrical parameters of this bicycle. The wheels and tires of this bicycle are of high quality. The wheels have a great grip, which makes it safe to ride this electric bicycle.

Why this Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle is unique?

This electric bicycle is unique based on the electric specifications that it is endowed with. The combination of electric power and mechanical bicycle is indeed a unique one. It will be fun to ride this bicycle as it is completely powered by electric power. Apart from the above aspects, the travel economy of this bicycle is very high. Hence it is great to save a lot of money as well as have maximum enjoyment while you ride this electric bicycle.

Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle Tires

Pricing of Pure EV Etron+ Electric Bicycle

The ex-showroom price of the Etron+ bicycle is 34,999 INR. The price of this electric bicycle is in the moderate range. People who are enthusiastic about electrical bicycles will be keen to buy this bicycle even at this price. In fact, an average individual of a middle-class family can easily afford this electric bicycle.


We have seen different features of the Etron+ electric bicycle as well as different other aspects related to it. We found that this bicycle is very unique as it is battery powered. Also, it is very economical to travel on this bicycle. Hence, people who love riding on a bicycle as well as want to have an experience of an electric bike can go for this bicycle. The price of this bicycle is moderate and it is a worth buying bicycle at the price mentioned above.


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