EMotorad Doodle eBike – Design, Features & Price

EMotorad Doodle eBike – Design, Features & Price

EMotorad Doodle is an electric bike. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the bike can be driven not only on roads but on sandy beaches. Regardless of its size, EMotorad Doodle is a fun ride that can run on any type of road, smooth or not. It is foldable and can be kept anywhere and obviously does not occupy space. Its ability to fold makes it portable and can be taken anywhere like going for a ride on the beach or up the hill. Emotorad Doodle promises adventures and knows more about it, details will be discussed below.

Design of EMotorad Doodle

Emotorad Doodle in appearance does not look any different from a normal cycle. The only difference that can be found is that it is powered by a battery. The E-bike comes in two colors which are green and black. It does not have a stylish look, to say the least, but it’s rather managed.

emotorad doodle ebike

Starting from the wheels which are designed to ride on any type of surface. The CST tires have a better grip on the road giving the rider a smooth feeling when riding. The broad base of the wheels supported by aluminum rims allows the rider to have the best experience on the road.

The E-bike also comes with a suspension front fork which can be locked. These suspensions are only at the front wheel. Upon locking the shockers are unable to move down. A dual disk brake system at both wheels provides safety when riding.

Most of its design is mostly focused on its folding and it can be folded from various places. The rectangular bar that runs from the handle to the seat breaks the cycle half when it folds. Inside the hollow rectangular bar is where the battery fits that powers the E-bike. Other than the handlebars also fold and so do the paddles. This allows it to be portable and fit in a car trunk easily.

This E-bike also has LED lights fitted in it. One headlight and one tail light. Both of them are operated by the button on the digital display located on the rods of the handlebars. The digital display is like a small rectangular bar that shows the speed, the battery charge. The digital display switches on when the key is inserted under the rectangular bars possessing the battery.

Wires connecting the brake bars and the wheels are neatly wrapped in black tape. It is not very appealing but it does eliminate the messy look. The wires run down the handlebars reaching the front wheel and along the rectangular bar making their way to the rear wheel.

The seats and handlebars can be adjusted according to the preferences of the person riding them. The metal rail at the back of the seat offers a space for storage and can even allow a person to sit on it as long as it feels comfortable. There is a horn button on the right handlebar as well. The handlebars have two functions which have a grip and a throttle to increase the speed with the help of the motor and the battery.

emotorad doodle Design

Battery and Motor in EMotorad Doodle

Emotorad Doodle has a lithium-ion battery and is removable. It takes about 4 hours to charge and upon full charge the battery gives 48v and 10Ah to the E-bike. On a single charge, the battery gives 55km of mileage. Upon delivery, the battery comes with its charging cable and an adapter. The battery can be charged anywhere whether it be home, office, or parking lot. The battery is placed in a rectangular bar on the bike just below the seat.

It has a BLDC motor that generates power up to 250W with the help of a battery. With this battery and motor, the E-bike can gain a maximum speed of 25kmph with the throttle. Just like any other scooter, the motor is usually found at the rear wheel. 50 Nm is the maximum torque the bike can gain. This allows the rider to achieve the best riding experience and an enjoyable ride.

emotorad doodle Design

Features in EMotorad Doodle

One of the amazing features it has is that it is foldable and can be transported anywhere. Furthermore, it has a suspension front fork that makes the ride smooth no matter what type of road it is. The suspension has a locking system promising safety first. There are front and back disk brakes as well. It also has LED lights in the front and back.

Now let us talk about the digital display as it has much more to show than just the speed and battery charge. It also displays an odometer. The digital display has 3 buttons on it which are the power button, plus and minus button. By clicking the power button once the display turns by pushing the button again and again many other types of readings can be seen. These readings are time, stopwatch, measurement of the distance traveled at a particular ride and it can also be the brightness setting of the display. There is one other thing regarding speed on the display. There are 5 levels of speed shown on the display. Each level determines the speed powered by the motor on the throttle. At 0 level there is no power provided by the motor and the bike functions as a cycle.

emotorad doodle features

Price of EMotorad Doodle

The price of this EMotorad Doodle electric vehicle is Rs. 79,999 in India. There are many after-sale stores by Doodle all over the country and such services can be availed anywhere. There is an option for extending the warranty of this bike if needed.


EMotorad Doodle is the best E-bike as it is portable and can be folded. Due to its amazing display features the riding experience will be quite enjoyable. Not only is it powered by a battery but also by paddles so it feels like riding just to exercise.

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