Renault Twingo ZE – Unexpected Specs, Price And Design

Renault Twingo ZE – Unexpected Specs, Price And Design

Renault Twingo ZE

For small, agile city cars, an electric drive is a real necessity. So most of the vehicles introduced today are electric-based to attain a satisfactory position in EV industry. Renault is still sticking to the combustion engine with the Twingo , but now the little French version is also available with an electric drive in the Twingo Electric version.

Renault Twingo ZE-3

The smoothness, the power and the additional weight of the electric drive make the Twingo Electric look more solid and binding than the conventional variants. The electric motor has a lot of punch and also ensures a quiet and comfortable ride.


Interior Design Of Renault Twingo ZE

Where the Renault Twingo really stands out from the alternatives is how much room it has inside. Four adults can fit with ease and getting in and out is not the contortionist’s feat it can be in some small cars. The optional fabric sunroof reduces the available headroom quite significantly. That excellent cabin space is thanks to having the engine at the back, but there are some compromises with that layout. Most obviously, as the engine sits below the boot floor, the boot capacity is only 188 litres.

Renault Twingo ZE-interior

You can increase this by putting the rear seat backs up to 90 degrees, which isn’t especially comfortable, but there’s also around 50 litres of storage dotted around in the cabin too in various pockets and bins. You can also fold the front passenger seat flat and the Renault Twingo will accept loads up to 2.3 metres long.

Exterior Design Of Renault Twingo ZE

On the outside, the Twingo Electric resembles a normal Twingo. A car designed with a traditional powertrain in mind is usually less successful as an electric car. That is why at Renault they have taken the future into account when designing the Twingo. Because the car’s weight is concentrated in the chassis, this Twingo is much more stable to drive than its petrol-engine brothers. It goes through the corners nicely and it even takes on a motorway drive without reluctance.

Renault Twingo ZE-8


Engine And Battery Of Renault Twingo ZE

The engine is situated at the rear part which is a compact electric motor, which is good for 82 hp or 60 kW and 160 Nm of torque. It is a variant of the engine in the Zoe. It has an exceptionally short turning circle, which is ideal in the city. 0 to 50 km / hr goes in about four seconds. The top speed is 135 km / hr. The 22 kWh battery enables Twingo Electric to drive 190 kilometers electrically according to the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure) test standard.

Renault Twingo ZE-battery

If you do not get outside the city limits, even 270 kilometers is possible, according to Renault. Like the Zoe, the Twingo can charge up to 22 kW AC. With this power, the battery is charged from 0 to 80% within 40 minutes. Fast charging option is not available with this model. Since the AC charging is quick enough and the battery is small, fast charging won’t be a threat.

Features And Specs Of Renault Twingo ZE

With no gearbox, there is still a shiny poker sticking out of the center console. With this poker it is always clear, you give it a big push forwards or backwards. Ideal in the city if you want to turn quickly, you quickly give the poker a big push and do your thing. With such a small switch it can quickly become a hassle if there is a row of cars waiting behind you. With this lever you can also set the regenerative braking power. The car then stores energy that is released when braking. You can choose from three modes: B1, B2 and B3. The first two positions are useful on the highway and outside built-up areas.

Renault Twingo ZE-6

The car does not brake immediately when you release the accelerator pedal. In the B3 position, the car brakes considerably, so that you can recover a lot of energy in the city and thus significantly increase your range. The infotainment system runs on Renault’s Easy Link system and you can find all kinds of useful things that make electric driving easier. This way you can easily look up charging locations and see on the map to which places you can drive with your current range. With the MyRenault app you can remotely control a number of functions in the car. For example, think of air conditioning or heating.

These functions consume a lot of energy, so it is handy that you can switch them on remotely via your mobile, while the car is still on the charger. Then you leave with a full battery and the car is already at the right temperature. DAB radio, front electric windows, split folding rear seats, LED daytime running lights, a tyre pressure monitoring system and USB connectivity are other notable advancements.

Renault Twingo ZE-6

Price Of Renault Twingo ZE

Marketed since September 2020, the electric Renault Twingo is available in three finishes: Zen, Life and Intens. It is completed by a special series called Vibes. Sold only in formula with battery purchase, it is offered from ₹  18.6 lakhs excluding ecological bonus. The Renault Twingo costs a bit more than the most obvious alternatives, but every model comes well equipped with all the necessary features.


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