Rivian R1S – Profound Specs, Price, Design

Rivian R1S – Profound Specs, Price, Design

Rivian R1S

Rivian is all set to drop its first two models at the LA Auto Show with specs that put other EV makers on notice. The R1T truck and Rivian R1S SUV boast styling, tech, and performance numbers that rival anything either on the market or in development, with the R1S set for a 2021 release. Rivian has managed to generate a healthy dose of hype with its R1T electric pickup and the R1S SUV on the same platform. The R1S has sufficient potential to become successful on European soil. This is a large SUV that can accommodate seven people. In any case, such models find more audiences.

Rivian R1S-6

The R1S is 5.04 meters long versus 5.48 meters for the R1T. The wheelbase of the R1S is also a lot smaller. The difference is 37 centimeters. The width of both models corresponds: 2.02 meters. The height is also the same: 1.82 meters. There is plenty of luggage space. The electric powertrain also leaves room under the hood. They are by no means alone in the battle to be the first to put a fully electric pick-up on the market. Ford, with the F-150 Lightning, Tesla, with the Cybertruck and GMC, Canoo and Fisker are also already working on an electric and powerful pick-up.

Interior Design Of Rivian R1S

Inside, minimalism reigns supreme. On-board computers receive over-the-air updates for charging, improving driving dynamics and games on the touchscreen. The car is also equipped with the latest technical possibilities. The Rivian R1S has 7 spacious seats as standard. The space inside is said to rival that of family saloons, as the new CMF-EV platform allows for greater use of on board space.  It is probable that it may come with dramatic ambient lighting which will add a sense of theatre to journeys. The seats are upholstered in high-quality leather, and the seats are designed to be comfortable. The seats can be folded, moved and even fully removed to maximize cargo space.

Rivian R1Sinterior

Exterior Design Of Rivian R1S

Given its enormous exterior dimensions, this is absolutely not a car for the city. The car fits perfectly into Rivian’s strategy to make cars that are ideal for adventure travel. The design can be called minimalistic, the lighting on the front and back are actually the most striking features on the outside. The clever Skateboard structure with double wishbones at the front and a multi-link construction at the back enhance the cruising experience. Although the smooth 5 meter long SUV carries a weight of almost 2.7 tons, the engineers promise above-average off-road capabilities. Thanks to the individually steerable wheels, which makes the presence of differentials and off-road gears unnecessary. 

Rivian R1S-0

Engine And Battery Of Rivian R1S

The technology in the SUV and pick-up is identical with an electric motor (4×4) behind each wheel and a range of more than 483 kilometers. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / hr can be achieved within 3 seconds. Rivian will offer both models with three different battery packs. The standard battery pack has a capacity of 105 kWh with a range of 370 kilometres. Rivian also supplies a 135 or 180 kWh battery pack with a range of 480 or 640 kilometers respectively. The battery can be charged at charging speeds of up to 160 kW.

Rivian R1S-04

According to Rivian, about 30 minutes of charging is enough to drive 280 kilometers. The R1S has an 11 kW charger on board. The performance is impressive. The entry-level versions sprint to 100 km / hr in about 4.9 seconds, the 135 kWh versions in 3 seconds and the 180 kWh versions in just 3.2 seconds. The different models will therefore have exactly the same battery pack at all times. No further variations on this are possible. This may make the choice a bit easier.

Features And Specs Of Rivian R1S

The horizontally mounted infotainment system uses expandable tiles for individual features with the main options available at all times at the bottom of the display. Rivian has not released information on other infotainment features, but we can expect Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an on-board Wi-Fi hotspot. Rivian says every model will be outfitted with hands-free driver-assistance technology, with a suite called Driver+.

Rivian R1S-4

Rivian R1S also gets a digital driver’s display, which is a smaller screen, and again there is no information if it is a touch screen. Rivian has revealed that a single user interface will be functional across the rivian system including the smartphone application to connect with the R1S.

Price Of Rivian R1S

Rivian wants to produce in Europe and initially it will be the SUV Rivian R1S. Being a full-size SUV with seven seats, in the US the starting price may be around ₹ 52 lakhs. Amazon placed a mega order for 100,000 units at the end of last year for the latter model. Amazon is by the way, like Ford Motor Company, one of Rivian’s largest lenders. In total, Rivian has already raised ₹ 7,700 crores for further development of the company.


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