RV1 – Lower-cost Sibling Of The Hot-Selling Revolt Electric Motorcycle

RV1 – Lower-cost Sibling Of The Hot-Selling Revolt Electric Motorcycle

RV400, the electric bike equipped with oomph features is the Revolt’s bike that has been in demand since its debut, and now it is coming that the brand has planned to launch a lower-cost sibling to the family.

The brand has planned to name the new model RV1. It is coming out from the sources that its debut will replace the current RV300 electric motorcycle, which hasn’t got a good journey.

In 2019, Revolt unveiled both the RV300 and RV400 electric motorcycles. Though the company faced a lot of production hits during the pandemic in 2019 due to the bike’s international supply chains, then also RV400 continued to be in great demand.

Main Features of RV1

Unlike the other electric scooters with 45 km/h (28 mph) as the highest speed, RV400 debuted with a top speed of 85 km/h (53 mph), which consequently made it the faster urban-use electric motorcycle in the market. Not only this, the model was rated for 156 km (97 miles) of city range which is quite more than sufficient for most of the riders. Due to all the above factors this electric vehicle has been in demand from its launch and has been selling out quickly. Due to pent-up demand, the last batch sold out in just 2 hrs. On the contrary, RV300 with fewer specifications never received such attention which clearly implies that its sale must have suffered a lot. That is why, the company is planning to retire this model, by substituting it with the launch of a new RV1.

RV1 Revolt Electric Bike

Fortunately, the existing unsold models of RV300 have been purchased in mass by Dominos India that has planned to replace its gas-powered delivery motorcycles. 

RV1 is going to be the first electric model in the entire family to be produced completely in India. The brand has decided to become completely a ‘Make-in-India’ company by December 2021. The brand added that now their main focus is to supply each and every product from India as earlier they used to import several parts from China. Moreover, the brand said that it will start the manufacturing of the new bike in January 2022.

RV1 Revolt EV Bike

Price of RV1

Since all the parts will be manufactured locally in India, the price estimation made by the industry is around 75k INR i.e., 1008 USD.

As, India is one of the largest two-wheeler markets in the world, so the government incentives via the FAME II program have pushed the concept of electrification of vehicles on a great level.

These days, the domestic production of electric wheelers constitutes a major part of a rapidly growing segment of the industry. For instance, initially, Ola electric produced 2 million units per year before ramping up to an eventual output of 10 million units per year. This clearly indicates that Ola electric is making quick progress on its electric scooter mega-factory.

Another shot of adrenaline is expected, into the already advancing electric industry in India with Gogoro’s entry into the market.

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