Subaru Solterra Electric SUV – Design, Performance, Features & Price

Subaru Solterra Electric SUV – Design, Performance, Features & Price

The upcoming Subaru Solterra in 2023 is the first Subaru all-electric SUV of the Japanese automatic. Solterra is a standard all-wheel drive, a leading feature to say the least. Subaru has partnered with the Toyota company to co-develop the EV SUV. Furthermore, it is said that these partners have also teamed up to make future models as well.

The Solterra shares many similarities with the Toyota BZ4X in both visuals and mechanics. Currently, both the models are pretty much out of the competition but more can be said once these cars hit the showroom in 2023. Just how much can be said about this depends on the designs both internally and externally.

2023 Subaru Solterra Electric

Design of Subaru Solterra

Not only does the Subaru share a platform with Toyota, but the twinning of the two can also be seen even in the designs. Despite the difference in grille and headlights, the shapes are nearly identical. The rear glass is sharply tapered and an angular nose can be seen. The Solterra has a large black cladding on the fenders. This, according to some, appears to be awkward.

Moving inside, the similarities between the two are quite visible. This includes the dashboard and on the top of the centre console is a large 12.3-inch touchscreen, that swoops up to the dashboard. Behind the steering wheel is an elevated digital instrument panel. This is deemed problematic because the top of the steering wheel cuts off the lower half of the panel. In BZ4X this problem is solved by the optional steering yoke that can be removed off the top. However, Subaru hasn’t mentioned anything about the yoke so far.

The exterior of the Subaru Solterra

2023 Subaru Solterra Electric SUV Exterior

Precisely speaking, Subaru isn’t much known for its exterior designs, and Solterra isn’t going to change the perception. Compared to the Forester, Subaru’s previous model, Solterra does not quite hit the mark. The plastic cladding at the fenders has a rather cheap look. However, it does carve as the visual reminder that this is Subaru. With smart LED daytime running lamps and a smooth panel where a traditional grille would be, the look of Solterra isn’t entirely that bad. Extending in several directions at the back are the fussing tail light clusters. The black plastic dominates the side view.

Interior of Subaru Solterra

Getting inside the first thing that will be in sight is the digital gauge cluster and the available 12.3-inch touchscreen interface. The gauge cluster is set high up. However, it is partially obstructed by the top of the steering wheel.

2023 Subaru Solterra Electric SUV

The cabin is spacious due to 126 cubic feet of passenger and cargo space along with 30 cubes behind the second row. The material used in Solterra seems to be hard-wearing and durable but only time will tell how the age of the material. Generous storage space along with a large space below the center console.

Equipped with a panoramic roof, it also comes with a safe exit assist, blind-spot monitoring, and an available 360-degree surround-view camera system. Solterra is Subaru’s first model to have wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto are welcome inclusions.

Advance technology of Subaru Solterra

The biggest flex for the Solterra is that it comes with All-Wheel Driving and liftgate spoilers. This allows the driving to be efficient and safe regardless of weather and road conditions. The latest breakthrough in electric vehicle technology engineered by the Subaru StarDrive is to give substantial on-demand torque at all speeds.

Subaru Solterra Electric Interior

Features like paddle shifters, an extra-responsive sport mode, and one-pedal driving offer to enhance the experience. These features use the regenerative braking system to allow you to keep your foot on the throttle for more convenience. Eyesight Driver Assist technology helps to monitor traffic movement, optimize cruise control, and give a warning when swaying outside of the lane. For emergencies, there is an automatic Pre-collision Braking feature that can apply full braking force and bring Sloterra to a complete stop.

A comprehensive suite of active safety ensures a safe and sound journey. A 360-degree surround-view camera system, the Blind-Spot Detection, and the Rear Red Crossing Alert aid in parking, reversing, detection of any object at the blind spot and objects approaching from the sides.

There is also reverse Automatic Braking that allows Solterra to stop itself to avoid the object at the rear. Last but not least is the Safety Exit Alert. It works by making the beep sound and displaying a message if it detects danger when trying to open the door.

2023 Subaru Solterra Electric SUV Interior

Luxury that appeals in Subaru Solterra

Up until now, it seems pretty clear what Subaru Solterra is aiming for. The abundance of technology available through this EV, mostly promises a safe ride. Driving the Solterra is about the quality experience. Style and design seem to be the least of its concern.

Battery and Charging in Subaru Solterra

Subaru Solterra SUV

The company is estimating a driving range that exceeds 220 miles on a signed charge. However, Subaru hasn’t revealed how big Solterra’s battery pack is. The same thing can be said about the charging time. Although it has been said that the Solterra is compatible with DC fast-chargers and can be charged in under an hour.

The battery is set to be delivered in two levels: level 1 will provide 120V and level 2 will provide 240V. The level 2 battery is said to be charged faster than level1.


For all those who are crazy about technology and for those to whom looks don’t matter, Subaru Solterra is all for them. Perhaps people will look past the rather disjoint exterior as quirky styles haven’t stopped Subaru from selling a lot of vehicles in the past. Also, the quality of driving is yet to be tested. So let’s wait and watch.

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