Toyota bZ4X – Staggering Specs, Price, Design

Toyota bZ4X – Staggering Specs, Price, Design

Toyota bZ4X

With the presentation of the BZ4X it finally seems to become clear what Toyota has in store for us for a fully electric model. Toyota is one of the pioneers in the field of electric drive and made the hybrid drive in the Prius a huge success. The expectations surrounding a real EV are therefore high.

Toyota bZ4X-3

The BZ4X is based on Toyota’s E-TNGA platform, the platform that the Japanese developed for electric cars. The Toyota BZ4X Concept is the first model with the new designation BZ – ‘Beyond Zero’. Toyota plans to introduce fifteen battery-electric models by 2025, including seven Toyota BZ models. These models make it possible for potential customers to switch to a fully electric car without any problems, with all the associated benefits. In Europe, by 2025 this will translate into a powertrain mix of more than 70 percent hybrid, more than 10 percent plug-in hybrid and more than 10 percent completely zero-emission models, both battery-electric and fuel-cell electric.

Interior Design Of Toyota bZ4X

This crossover concept gives priority to its interior, which should be particularly spacious for its passengers. For example, the knee room in the rear should be equivalent to that of luxury limousines. Emphasis is also placed on comfort, connectivity and openness to the outside world. This openness is reflected in the design of the passenger compartment, with a low dashboard and large glass surfaces to create maximum visibility. These elements should return to the production model, including the large central display and large center console. An onboard solar charging system further reduces the Toyota BZ4X Concept’s environmental impact. In addition, it also increases the range.

Toyota bZ4X interior 2

Exterior Design Of Toyota bZ4X

To set the ‘BZ’ models apart from the rest of the range, the new electric Toyotas will be given a specific style, particularly evident at the front of the car, where the traditional grille is replaced by a fine black stripe. It contains the various sensors for semi-autonomous driving and the active safety assistants. We also see other headlights on the Toyota BZ4X, whose ‘hammerhead’ style is shaped by the airflow and is intended to generate a new attitude and presence on the road.


Furthermore, we see complex lines on the body and a fairly busy style, in the line of the Toyota RAV4 and the latest creation from Lexus. Owners can put solar cells on the roof, a facility that Toyota already supplies with their currently developing automobiles.

Engine And Battery Of Toyota bZ4X

Electric motors on the front and rear axle provide four-wheel drive. This system has been developed by Toyota in collaboration with Subaru. The long wheelbase makes for a remarkably spacious and open interior. Legroom in the rear is comparable to that of a large D-segment car. The e-TNGA platform is distinguished by a long wheelbase and short overhangs, which should give the models on it a spacious and open interior.

As the ‘4X’ in the Toyota BZ4X name suggests, it is also possible to have four-wheel drive on the e-TNGA platform. The front-end has this flattened but chiseled appearance that coincides well with the slim bank of LED headlamps, eyebrow-like LED DRLs, a narrow grille, and a contoured bumper with real air intakes.

Toyota bZ4X-battery

While this electric SUV doesn’t stand very tall, its multi-spoke alloy rims fill the wheel wells effortlessly and there are even blue brake calipers. The physical steering rod disappears and is replaced by drive-by-wire technology. Toyota wants to emphasize that by replacing the steering wheel something similar to the logo. This new steering element increases the joy of riding where the driver no longer has to move his hands in a bend and thereby developing a smooth journey.

Features And Specs Of Toyota bZ4X

Toyota aims to provide a broad range of electrified technologies to suit the needs of diverse markets, consumers and vehicle types. Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, hydrogen-electric and battery-electric. Fuel cell technology can be used for various forms of transport. Not only for cars, but also for heavy trucks, buses, trains and ships – as well as for stationary and mobile power generators. 

Toyota bZ4X-0

Toyota divides ‘beyond Zero’ into four aspects. The first and most important of these is ‘You and the Environment’. This is not only about the energy the car consumes, but also how it can use regenerative and renewable energy, such as solar energy. The second aspect is ‘You and Your Car’. In addition, a battery-electric car uses not only a platform specially developed for this purpose, but also the latest technologies. The car offers excellent connectivity for increased safety, peace of mind and a fun driving experience.

The third aspect, ‘You and Others’, stands for the creation of battery-electric cars that offer a spacious and quiet environment and inspire people to visit each other and share experiences together. Finally, ‘You and Society’ is about the wider impact on society, where it deals with making the world a better place for everyone.

Price Of Toyota bZ4X

Prices and production details are not disclosed yet but we can expect them around the mid 2022s. By 2025, Toyota plans to offer more than 70 electrified vehicles worldwide, including at least 15 battery-electric models.

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