Tesla Model Y Review – Specs, Performance, Price & Launch in India

Tesla Model Y Review – Specs, Performance, Price & Launch in India

Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s iconic SUV styled to make it affordable and more comfortable as compared to the smaller Model 3. With a simple interior, bigger cargo space, the chassis, and powertrain from the latter, the Model Y comes with an option of a third row of seats.

Model Y is powered by dual onboard electric motors; the Standard version comes with rear-wheel drive, the Long Range and Performance variants support all-wheel drive.  The superb driving range of maximum driving up to 326 miles per charge; makes it worth buying over expensive models from manufacturers like Audi and Jaguar.

Tesla Model Y Review India

This year, Tesla will introduce the Standard Range with rear-wheel drive supporting 244-mile per charge. It may not be the right time to say what new things the company will come up with in Model Y in 2021, because unlike other manufacturers, Tesla is known for making continuous changes throughout the year. With that, we can say that we aren’t expecting any major change in the design or technology this year

Exterior of Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y gets its exterior design from both the Model 3 sedan and the Model X SUV. The model comes with a glass panoramic roof and an option of a seven-seat. It does not contain the gull-wing doors (present in high-end Model X), and use pillarless doors similar to Model 3 and Model S. Its crossover is 10 % larger than the Model 3. Model Y has functions similar to an SUV but drives like a sports car as it has a low center of gravity and a 0.23 drag coefficient.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s Model Y is a fully electric SUV, so buy this model to stop yourself from going to gas stations again and again. You can charge your SUV overnight at home, and wake up to see a fully charged battery.  When you are driving, you can charge your car at any public station or use Tesla’s charging network. Big thanks to Tesla for introducing over 20,000 Superchargers worldwide to allow drivers to charge their cars without any hassle.

Model Y runs safely in rain, mud, and when off-road.

Interior of Tesla Model Y

The Interior of Model Y is simple as compared to its peers. Elevated seating and low dash allow the driver to see a clear view of the road ahead. 15-inch touch screen, surround sound system, and an all-glass roof that provides a clear vision of the scenic beauty while you are on your trip.

Tesla Model Y Interior

The Model Y doesn’t contain the Falcon Wing doors like Model X. Its simple Interior is similar to the Model 3 sedan. It is an almost buttonless car that majorly depends on its infotainment display located on a simple dashboard. Functions like Controlling climate, speedometer, and much more are available on the display. An all-glass roof provides an airy environment for the cabin. The third row of seats is an option for family-goers, who want to ride with adults in comfort.

Some of the entertainment functions offered by Model Y are pre-installed Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube apps, video games perfect for enjoying the time while your battery is getting charged at the public charging station. The best thing about this car is that it locks these features for drivers so that he or she can drive without these distractions.

The engine of Tesla Model Y

Model Y comes in Standard Range, the Long Range, and the Performance models.

Tesla Model Y Review Details

The all-wheel-drive Long Range offers a mileage of 326, a 209 top-speed, 0-96kph in 5.5 sec; the Performance model’s estimated mileage is lower than Long Range and is 303 miles. It offers a top speed of 241kph and can reach 0-96kph in just 3.5sec.

Model Y comes with 20-inch bigger wheels, lower suspension, quick acceleration, and a dedicated Track mode. The cheapest of all three variants of Model Y is the Standard Range model offering a driving range of 244 miles/charge with a 370km range, a top speed of 164kph. It can reach 0-96kph in 5.9sec.

Safety in Tesla Model Y

Tesla is famous for its Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system. Model Y has this feature in its standard version. Other safety features like self-parking and a Summon are optional.

Tesla Model Y Safety

The salient safety features of this car include a Standard automated emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, collision warning, Standard lane-departure warning system with lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, Standard adaptive cruise control system with semi-autonomous driving mode, and much more.

Pricing of Tesla Model Y

Tesla is expecting to introduce its Long Range, Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive, and Performance models.

The price of Long-Range will start from Rs 32.55 lakh. The Dual Motor model will start from Rs 35.32 lakh, and have a slightly lower 450km range, albeit a higher 217kph top speed and 4.8sec 0-96kph time. The Dual Motor Performance model will go on sale from Rs 41.55 lakh. The Standard Range version will be available in Spring 2021 for Rs 27 lakh.


Tesla Model Y is a stylish SUV combination of comfort and sports car in one single package. It is a versatile car designed for passengers keeping their safety on priority.  

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