Toyota Proace Verso Electric – EV Passenger Van from Toyota

Toyota Proace Verso Electric – EV Passenger Van from Toyota

The Toyota Proace Electric and Toyota Proace Verso Electric, Toyota’s first zero-emission battery-electric cars, are now available in Europe, bringing a substantial new dimension to the Toyota Professional range of light commercial vehicles.

Toyota introduces the new vehicles in a few European regions, signaling its commitment to using various electrification technologies to fulfill multiple transportation needs. For example, the Proace Van Electric and Toyota Proace Verso Electric have a class-leading driving range of up to 330 kilometers, allowing customers to travel to Europe’s low and zero-emission zones and beyond. In addition, avoiding the requirement for daily recharging guarantees that business clients’ cars have the least amount of downtime possible.

Interior Design of Toyota Proace Verso Electric

Toyota Proace Verso Electric Interior

Compared to the diesel Proace van, the electric operating gear does not affect cargo quantities because of how the Proace Electric is packed. In addition, the electric motor is installed under the hood, where the diesel engine would usually be, and the battery is hidden beneath the van’s floor, resulting in no reduction in cargo space.

While the other PSA Group electric vans are available in various body lengths, the Proace Electric is only available in a single mid-length body, and there is only one roof height. As a result, there are 5.3 cubic meters of storage capacity in the back, and, like its sister vans, it has a through-loading chute that allows longer goods like ladders, boards, and pipes to be transported by sliding them through the bulkhead beneath the dual passenger seat. A window in the bulkhead is also included with the Proace Electric. However, because of the battery’s extra weight, payload weights for the Proace Electric are somewhat lower than for the diesel Proace.

Toyota ProAce Verso Electric Van

Exterior Design of Toyota Proace Verso Electric

The Proace Small Electric, which measures 4,609 mm overall with a 2,925 mm wheelbase, offers all of the advantages of its conventionally powered panel van equivalent in terms of compact size and load-carrying capabilities. Its 11.3-meter turning diameter makes it highly maneuverable in congested settings, and its 1.9-meter height allows it to enter most parking lots. The Proace Electric Long has the same 3,275 mm wheelbase as the standard model, but it has a longer rear overhang, bringing the vehicle length to 5,309 mm. The cargo space has an altitude of 2,862 mm and a width of 1,628 mm. The Smart Cargo system extends the maximum load length to 4.03 meters in this variant. The sliding side door apertures on the Medium and Long panel vans are large enough to accommodate standard-size Euro pallets.

Toyota Proace Verso Electric

Engine & Battery of Toyota Proace Verso Electric

Eco, Normal, and Power are the three driving modes available on the Proace Verso Electric, which are chosen via a button on the center console. Maximum power output from both batteries is 136 DIN hp/100 kW in ‘Power’ mode, with a peak torque of 260 Nm provided from start-up. The top speed is electronically regulated to 130 km/h, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 13.1 seconds. In Eco mode, the electric system generates 82 DIN hp/60 kW and 190 Nm of torque, while Normally, it produces 109 hp/80 kW and 210 Nm.

Toyota Proace Verso Electric 205 miles Range

All versions include a 7.4 kW single-phase onboard charger and a 6 m Type 2 cable for connecting to a home charging outlet, with a 7 m Type 2 cable for connecting to a 32 A wall box system available as an option. Recharging times can vary depending on power supply conditions in different markets. However, a fast-charging 100 kW DC system would charge a 50 kW battery to 80% capacity in roughly 32 minutes and a 75 kW battery to 80% capacity in around 48 minutes.

Features & Specs of Toyota Proace Verso Electric

Toyota Proace Verso Electric Engine

Although Toyota has an excellent reputation for dependability, the Proace Electric is a badge-produced PSA Group product, so we’ll have to wait and see if it can live up to these lofty expectations. Onboard, there are several friendly car-derived safety measures. Standard features include stability control, ABS with braking aid, hill start assist, twin front airbags, tire pressure monitors, and a speed limiter. When the Euro NCAP crash tested the car, it scored all five stars, and it has all of the standard safety measures, such as electronic stability control and dual front airbags.

Price of Toyota Proace Verso Electric

The Toyota Proace Verso is less expensive than its closest competitor, the Volkswagen Caravelle, with prices starting at roughly ₹ 41.45 lakh. It comes with many features as standard, and the car’s build quality is excellent. Still, the car’s van origins are too obvious, especially in the way it handles and behaves on the road, for it to ultimately justify its price tag.

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