2023 Cadillac Celestiq – Design, Specifications, Price And Launch Date

2023 Cadillac Celestiq – Design, Specifications, Price And Launch Date

Cadillac Celestiq might be a show car now but its appreciative features, unrevealed cutting edge technologies can surge it as the new flagship luxury sedan of General Motors. GM Authority has revealed in the January of this year that the all-new Cadillac Celestiq will come onto the market in the summer( first half) of 2023 but debuted as a 2024 model. Initially, it was decided to launch in July or August but unlike the delay in the launch, the sale procedure will happen earlier than scheduled.

Exterior Design Of Cadillac Celestiq  

The designing language of Celestiq is striking in that it is inspired by the other crossovers in the Cadillac family’s portfolio. Design elements in the lighting setup and front trellis seems to be common particularly the front end bears resemblance with Cadillac’s first sedan, Cadillac Lyriq whereas some other comes with the opinion that it looks similar to the Escalade model, Jaguar XJ and Audi A7. However, its dimensions are much longer, wider, and lower than the Cadillac Lyriq still massive when compared to CT6.

Cadillac Celestiq 2023

The front part is embedded with vertical signatures at the edge, also illuminated with vertical running lights on both sides which serves a flashy look. The rear end is illuminated by L shaped taillights in which its head part is integrated with the massive and prominent C pillar that is behind the rear windows, on the other hand, the lower part has collided with the rear bumper, thus the turn signals and brake lights also got housing in it. Literally, the lighting setup is integrated into the trellis in which the thin taillights encircles the size of the body even in the badge. Around this flaring lighting, the side view mirrors and door handles seem to be missing, but Cadillac’s hybrid technology will surely fill in that. The designing team even told that their design blasted off in the Celestiq before Lyriq, even though Lyriq entered the Ev space first.

Interior Design Of Cadillac Celestiq  

The luxury sedan never fails to transfer its pomposity in the inner cabin either. It has reflected a fine opulence in it. This could evidently be seen in the seating that they have installed four sports bucket seats that are furnished with high-grade materials and genuine leather. The seats are nicely arranged in two rows with ample space that could be reprieving the matter that the occupants could remain in their own bubble space comfortably. It can be assured that Cadillac will give everything it has got to build up a technical powerhouse in the cabin as it does on its kin, Cadillac Lyriq. We will be astounded to see the way in which they do with the high-quality elements like the open-pore wood to get a homely feeling, real and sleek metal accents to imbibe royalty onto it and welcoming seating, etc.

Cadillac Celestiq Interior 2023

Basically, Cadillac Celestiq is a hatchback that is tendered well for storage space. The back-end storage area will be giving us plenty of cargo space but the boot liter is yet to be given for accuracy. The rear seats have gaped well from the front driver seat and passenger seat to extend the legroom also there is relaxed and spacious headroom. The panoramic sunroof is a main highlighting feature that attracted prime attention. The roof is made of four glass panels (4 quadrant glass roof) that contains suspended particles which we can alter from transparent to opaque. Also, its mobility helps any passengers who are sitting underneath the roof to control to overlay their little stretch of sky.

Infotainment System And Safety Features Of Cadillac Celestiq 

General Motors always introduce something in its all-new sedans to retain its rank as a unique brand ever. Likewise, the Cadillac Celestiq too has brought up a distinct characteristic on its infotainment system. Most of the luxurious cars are always supported with massive infotainment displays measuring 10.3 inches or 12.3 inches. However, Celestiq is out of the ordinary with an infotainment touchscreen display that spans the length of the dashboard, which means the dashboard is fully occupied with this enormous screen through which the standard stuff from the map to music can be controlled.

Cadillac Celestiq Infotainment

We are expecting that the WI-FI hotspot, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay connectivity capabilities will be offered as standard. In addition, large displays are mounted behind the front seats for the rear seat occupants to watch movies, use a stereo system and browse through the internet. The stereo system is integrated with the speakers that are in the headrests as the brand new Cadillac Escalade SUV has done. It is more likely that the company might have tied up with the premium acoustic manufacturing and engineering company, AKG in the framing of an audio system with unbeatable performance.

Cadillac Celestiq Features

Engine And Safety Of Cadillac Celestiq 

Cadillac Celestiq makes use of two Ultium drive motors that are meant to be the motors of next-generation Chevy sedans. As this type of motor setup gives high performance, we could expect a peppy powertrain. Still, Cadillac hasn’t revealed more information on its powertrain, all these automobile components fill-up the incomplete data. These two motors will be mounted on both front and rear axle and hence lends an all-wheel driving mode that automatically gives power to four wheels at the same time, also the four-wheel steering system remains there. General Motors estimated the accelerative performance that is from 0 to 60mph in less than 3 seconds, which is the result of effective Ultium drive motors, and this acceleration range is similar to that of Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan. These advanced qualities of the Ultium system, engineering impetus, battery pack technology, virtual development tools, and the experience extracted during the architectural process of General Motor’s another significant electric car, Hummer EV have played a pivotal role in bringing the Celestiq to the market before its planned time.

Cadillac Celestiq Design

The safety features are too behind the veil and we are not notified with any distinct feature regarding it. However, we could contemplate the equipment of several driver assistance features that are the standard automatic emergency braking along with the pedestrian detection, standard lane departure warning accompanying lane-keeping assist, and finally, the most needed adaptive cruise control with the semi-autonomous driving system.

Battery, Range, And Charging Of Cadillac Celestiq 

Cadillac Celestiq Performance

As GM uses an advanced battery pack in all its sedans and now Cadillac Celestiq is also taking part in that line-up by utilizing an Ultium battery pack that could be with a capacity rate of 100kWh. It is estimated that on the power of a single charge, it can run 300 miles which is only a satisfying value. Many people may misunderstand that Celestiq’s elongated body frame will be occupying a lot of underfloor battery storage, desperately it is not the truth. If larger batteries are coming as options, then peak level of range can be fetched otherwise, this could be a black mark for Cadillac Celestiq. It should be noted that its powerful rivals like Tesla Model S run at a rate of 402 miles and the Lucid Air Sedan boasts a range of 517 miles that are higher than that of Celestiq. A DC fast charger of 800 volts will be able to deliver this 300 miles of range.

Price And Warranty Of Cadillac Celestiq

Cadillac Celestiq is going to be the crown jewel of not only its luxury brand, Cadillac but also of General Motors, hence its price segment has to be with six figured range that is appropriate for a luxury car. Cadillac offers four trims of Celestiq in which the pricing starts from $90,000.

  • Luxury – $90,000
  • Premium Luxury – $100,000
  • Sport – $110,000
  • Platinum – $120,000

The electric cars of Cadillac usually beat other pompous brand cars when it comes to powertrain warranty and the same happens here with a warranty of 6 years or 70,000 miles. However, its complimentary maintenance is only covered for the first visit and the battery warranty, 8 years or 100,000 miles is the same as that of Chevrolet Bolt.


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