Citroen e-Berlingo: 7 Seater MPV Specifications, Performance and Price

Citroen e-Berlingo: 7 Seater MPV Specifications, Performance and Price

Citroen has revealed the trim levels and prices for the 2017 e-Berlingo, the brand’s all-electric MPV.  The Citroen e-Berlingo is a zero-emission vehicle that replaces existing petrol and diesel variants. Although the market for electric MPVs is still small, the e-Berlingo is the third electric people carrier to be introduced in as many weeks, with the exception of logos and style, the e-Berlingo is identical to the Vauxhall Combo-e Life and Peugeot e-Rifter.

The Citroen Berlingo is undoubtedly the most well-known of the quadruplets of which it is a member. Its no-nonsense practicality makes it a firm family favorite in van-with-windows form, and its versatile character earns money for the many enterprises that buy them in unglazed commercial form.

Interior Design of Citroen e-Berlingo

The inside of the e-Berlingo is far more sophisticated and pleasant than that of the former, thanks to high-quality texture plastics that are comparable to those found in many family cars, and because of how it puts you at ease. Part of this is due to the driver’s seat’s many adjustments, which are mirrored by the steering wheel’s reach and rake adjustments. The heating settings are thoughtfully placed and are also easily accessible.

Citroen e-Berlingo Interior

A van, whether large or tiny, must be functional, and while the e-Berlingo checks many of these boxes, the Extenso seat is the highlight. It not only allows the dual front passenger seat to fold entirely flat for added storage, but it also serves as a great work table.

Citroen e-Berlingo Features

Exterior Design of Citroen e-Berlingo

Although there are just two trim levels available at launch, there is a lot of standard equipment. Citroen’s Airbump technology is included in the Feel model, which includes 16-inch steel wheels, automatic headlights, and automatic windscreen wipers. All versions come with sliding side doors, which is a huge plus.

17-inch alloy wheels, black roof bars, and orange flourishes surrounding the fog lights and Airbump panels distinguish the vehicle. A 180° reversing camera is also included on the e-Berlingo to aid with maneuverability. The car’s data is shown on a head-up display.

Citroen e-Berlingo

The e-Berlingo M and XL have the same internal height of 1243 mm and have a maximum load length of 1817 mm and 2167 mm, respectively. There are no high roof models available. The distance between the rear wheel arches is 1229 mm, which is sufficient for a pallet to pass through.

Engine & Battery of Citroen e-Berlingo

The e-Berlingo is driven by a 134-horsepower electric motor and a 50-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which allows for a range of up to 174 miles between charges. With the same power plant, the Peugeot e-208 can travel roughly 210 miles, but the Berlingo’s increased weight and boxier form hurt its efficiency. It’s also the same package that comes standard in the larger electric Citroen SpaceTourer MPV.

If you choose the ‘Power’ driving option, you will only get 134 horsepower, which Citroen claims is useful when the car is heavily laden. ‘Normal’ reduces the power to 109 bhp, which is sufficient for most daily tasks, while ‘Eco’ reduces the power to 80 bhp and reduces the air conditioning’s strength. There’s also a ‘B’ mode, which increases the amount of brake regeneration so you may drive the car just with your foot on the accelerator.

Citroen e-Berlingo Battery Charging

Recharging a 7.4kW wall box takes over seven hours, and you can plan the charge using Citroen’s smartphone app to begin when electricity prices are lower. If you’re on the go, a 100kW public charger will recharge your battery to 80% capacity in 30 minutes, however, you’ll spend far more than you would at home. The electric Berlingo, with its batteries hidden beneath the floor, is just as spacious as the fuel or diesel counterparts.

Features & Specs of Citroen e-Berlingo

You’ll receive a 10-inch digital instrument cluster that’s far clearer than traditional analog dials and provides all the information you need concerning power usage and range. There’s also an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a driver-friendly slanted display. It also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto built-in, as well as a built-in navigation system in the Driver Pro level.

Citroen e-Berlingo Charging

Price of Citroen e-Berlingo

The Citroen e-Berlingo, like its near relatives the Peugeot e-Partner, Toyota Proace City Electric, and Vauxhall Combo-e, provides excellent value for money. It costs a little more than the Vauxhall, but it is less expensive than the Peugeot – the Toyota is more expensive.

However, you get what you pay for, and the e-specification Berlingo’s is appropriate for its ranking. The battery is guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, under the e-two-year, Berlingo’s unlimited-mileage warranty.

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