Hero Electric Flash – Design, Features & Price

Hero Electric Flash – Design, Features & Price

In recent years, Electric scooters have seen vast popularity with surprisingly attractive features like easy maintenance and drive, an eco-friendly alternative to public transport and driving.  Hero Electric Flash scooter is an easy-to-handle e-scooter and it is light in weight. Hero flash riding is  like surfing on the wind, as all you hear wind sound on the lovely highway,

Hero Electric Flash speed maxes up to 25 KM/H which is good enough for a peaceful city drive. The motor power is 250 Watts and the battery capacity and rating are 51.2V and 30Ah. It does not require any registration as well. But that’s not it, the stylish digital instrument cluster in front of you offers all the information you require. With the telescopic suspension, you can say bye to bumpy and rough roads. Hero’s state-of-the-art suspension guarantees you a perfectly smooth and bump-free ride.

Key features in Hero Electric Flash

  • It is lighter in weight; as compared to other conventional scooters available in the market for sale.
  • It ensures safe driving. It is comfortable to ride due to its user-friendly body.
  • The price is affordable
  • It is environment friendly due to no smoke production
  • It is noiseless i.e. sound free

Colors and Design of Hero Electric Flash

Hero Electric Flash DEsign

Hero flash is offered in three colors: White, red, and silver. The scooter design is smooth with an inclusive headlamp at the apron front. The body is composed of high-strength reinforced steel chassis; however, indicators are unified in the handlebar. Its design structures embrace telescopic front fork suspension and full-body crash guard. The seat and ground clearance heights are 777 and 165mm respectively.

Hero Electric Flash gives us a funky look and it comes in 3 different colors. The red and black color gives an attractive look and on the other hand white and silver give a classy look to this bike. The overall design of this bike is edgy, with a small handle with high-quality buttons, 12-inch tires. A very simple-looking meter has enough information to be displayed which includes speed, battery remaining, and indicators.

There is a lot of space between the seat and the handle which gives you a comfortable seat and great posture while you are riding it. Talking about comfort, the telescopic suspension in both front and rear gives a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. Telescopic suspension is a plus for Hero Electric over its competitor. Even though you will be riding this bike at a max 25 kmph with an automatic transmission engine. The powerful LED Headlamps will help you ride safely even in the dark.

Mileage and Performance in Hero Electric Flash

Hero flash riding is 85kms per charge, though real figures might diverge. There is a 250-watt electric motor powered by a 48-volt 20Ah battery which provides 25kmph top speed. The motor takes around 4-5 hours to charge fully.

Since its maximum speed is 25kmph you don’t need to register or have any license to ride this scooter.

Hero Electric Flash battery

Battery In Hero Electric Flash

The Flash e-scooter incorporates removable lightweight lithium-ion with a 1.536 kWh capacity battery alongside long life, less maintenance, and easy charging facility characteristics. Battery charger manufactured with voltage and temperature protection technology which charges it in eight to ten hours.

The battery, on a full charge, lasts 4-5 hours. There’s a portable battery inside the Hero Electric Flash E-Scooter that makes charging it much more convenient and easier. It allows you to simply detach the battery and charge it in your office or home. The best thing about the battery is its portability which you can charge at your home just like you charge your mobile or a laptop. Three-pin cables will be plugged into the socket and the other end will be attached to Hero Electric to start charging. It’s a Lithium-Ion type of a battery having capacity of 1.536 kWh. It takes only 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the battery and lasts 4 to 5 hours which is quite good.

Tires and Brakes in Hero Electric Flash

The front and rear tires are made up of steel (alloy), which is made of mechanical magnesium.  The Hero Electric Flash E-Scooter comes with 12-inch alloy wheels that make the ride smoother, stable, and lighter and also give the look a little different.

Hero Electric Flash Feature

Price of Hero Electric Flash

The Hero Electric Flash Electric Scooter comes at a price of ₹ 59,640. Hero Electric’s targeted audiences are women and teenage girls. In countries where the number of girl riders is increasing day by day, this bike is a game-changer for Hero. At the price this bike has been launched is quite competitive.

Other features in Hero Electric Flash

Hero Electric Flash Feature Performance

To make your riding experience better and much safer, it has a powerful LED light that brightens your vision at night. There are additional features that might come in handy when your phone’s battery is low. The Hero  Electric Flash E-Scooter comes with a USB port, that you can easily charge your phone on the go. These features offered by Hero Electric Flash Electric Scooter put it on the list of one of the best battery-operated scooters.


In a country where electric vehicles are hard to find on roads, here you get a newly designed Hero Electric Flash ready to rock on the streets. This is not a conventional motorbike so you cannot keep high expectations from Hero Electric, but this electric scooter comes with a lot of impressive features.

The Hero Electric Flash E-Scooter is a beautifully built piece of machinery. Because of its great mileage which is 85 Km/Charge, it gives heavy competition to other battery-operated scooters.  The Hero Electric Flash E-Scooter offers excellent stability, smooth-riding and it guarantees a peaceful driving experience every time.

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