Hero Lectro F6i – Review Of Fun & Adventure Electric Cycle

Hero Lectro F6i – Review Of Fun & Adventure Electric Cycle

With its excellent design and Semi-integrated 11.6ah Detachable Battery, The Hero Lectro F6i checks all the boxes for an electric bicycle.

With a large selection of electric bicycles to suit all types of riders and riding circumstances, Hero Lectro is the market leader in India for electric bicycles.

Design of Hero Lectro F6i

The Hero Lectro F6i that Is used for the test ride had a full Black frame as its primary color and Red as its secondary color for the visuals. The color of the suspension forks is black. The paint job had a matte finish and was quite well done. The best design element of the F6i is the semi-integrated battery. Without any protrusions, the battery is smoothly integrated into the carved top tube and sits inside of it. The bicycle’s front and rear LED lights are excellent design and safety features. The bicycle’s battery powers the front LED light, while the sun powers the rear LED.

The Hero Lectro F6i is available in two color options: red with black and yellow with black.

Hero Lectro F6i

Battery and Motor in Hero Lectro F6i

The 250W BLDC 36V rear hub motor powers the Hero Lectro F6i electric bicycle. An 11.6 Ah Lithium-Ion battery powers this motor. This battery is semi-integrated into the frame and rests on a carved bottom tube, making installation and removal simple. The right-hand throttle on this e-bike is simple to use and added to its enjoyment aspect. Three levels of power assistance from the battery are provided for each pedal via the three-level Pedal-Assist system, referred to as Low, Medium, and High. The On/Off button, Pedal-Assist level changer, Walk mode/front light switch, Battery Level Indicator, and RFID Sensor are all located on the LED controller on the left side of the handlebar bar.

Two RFID tags are provided with this model, which is a part of Hero Lectro’s i-smart line. You only need to display the RFID tag on the controller’s top to turn the controller on and the bicycle will start. This technology makes it harder to misuse the controller and provides theft protection. You can access several important parameters by downloading the Hero Lectro app on your phone and connecting it to your bicycle. A 25 km/hr top speed is possible while using battery power. There is a button next to the right-side gip accelerator that may be used to turn on and off the throttle function as a safety precaution. This battery can deliver up to 60 km in Pedal-Assist mode on a single charge, but less if just utilized in throttle mode. Due to the various riding circumstances and rider weight, these mileages may fluctuate slightly. Any specific Indian plug point will charge this battery from empty to full in 5 to 6 hours. Because this battery is detachable, the charging port is located on the battery pack itself and is simple to use.

Hero Lectro F6i Motor

Gears in Hero Lectro F6i

Shimano Altus/Tourney rear derailleurs are part of the 1×7-Speed drivetrain on this electric bicycle. While having gears on an electric bicycle is not required, they might be useful when you wish to synchronize the cadence of your pedaling with the electric bike’s pace. As the gears serve to modulate the pressure you exert when pedaling, it also helps when you run out of battery power while riding. During the test ride, Shimano’s SIS 7-Speed shifter smoothly regulated the shifting of the 7-Speed Altus/Tourney rear derailleur.

Brakes and Steering of Hero Lectro F6i

The mechanical brake system at the front and back of the F6i is in charge of regulating stopping power. Even at speeds of 20 to 25 kilometers per hour, the bicycle could be stopped swiftly and safely because of its robust braking system.

This electric bicycle’s alloy riser handlebar and adjustable stem allow the rider to adopt a comfortable riding position. The right-hand grip throttle was smooth and simple to operate.

Wheels and Saddle of Hero Lectro F6i

When traveling at 25 km/h, the Hero Lectro F6i’s 27.5″ x 2.0″ Kenda tires provided a quick rolling performance on both smooth and unpaved urban routes, making them ideal for an electric bicycle. The width and tread were ideal for providing strong traction on unpaved surfaces.

With an additional layer of padded cushion, the saddle of the recently updated Hero Lectro’s has significantly improved, as excellent as an external gel or foam seat cover. While riding the F6i, one can be sure they won’t experience saddle pain.

Price of Hero Lectro F6i

The Hero Lectro F6i starts at Rs 49,000.


The semi-integrated chassis and beautifully welded tube edges of the Alloy frame give it a very elegant appearance. The 11.6Ah battery ensures a longer riding range, and the throttle ups the enjoyment factor of riding an e-bike. The strong Mechanical Disc brakes and Kenda 27.5″ tires make riding at high speeds safe and enjoyable. The Hero Lectro F6i 27.5 7S, which costs Rs. 49,000 (as of 4 February 2021), is the best option for anyone wishing to purchase a performance-focused electric bicycle with a detachable battery and increased range.

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