Mercedes Benz EQS – Everything You Need to Know about the EV Car

Mercedes Benz EQS – Everything You Need to Know about the EV Car

The Mercedes Benz EQS is the newest all-electric variant of car produced by the German manufacturers – Mercedes. Inevitably the future of all cars is towards a greener variant, like an electric version or a hydrogen-powered variant. 

The EQS has just been recently released for the press. Its official release date is estimated to be in the summer of 2021. The EQS model has already been listed on the official Mercedes site. Let us take a look at what the EQS has to offer.

What Does It Stand For?

As more and more governments are moving towards a greener future, car manufacturers are also doing the same. Car manufacturers intend to make all-electric variants of existing models. The EQS is like an electric variant of the Mercedes Benz S Class series.

Even though Mercedes is a bit late to the electric vehicle segment, but the EQS does pack a punch to its competitors. 

Mercedes Benz EQS Review

The Drive of Mercedes Benz EQS

The Mercedes Benz EQS is a superb all-electric car. It has a battery capacity of 108KWh, which is good. As the EQS is an all-electric vehicle, it has more space, is quieter and faster than a gas-powered vehicle. The boot is also quite spacious. 

The EQS is available in 2 variants, RWD or AWD, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. The RWD variant does 0 to 60 in 6.3 seconds, whereas the AWD does the same in just 4.3 seconds, as per official tests. It has a top speed of 210kmph.

The base variant of the EQS is the 450+, which can produce 333bhp from its motors. The quicker model, the EQS 580 4Matic can produce 523bhp and do 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds.

AS per WLTP ratings, the EQS has a range of 770km or 478 miles on a full charge, depending on conditions and the variant. The battery can be charged via any fast charger. Meaning that if you were to use a fast charger, within 15 minutes, you will be able to have the range for 300km or 186 miles.

The EQS does feature multiple features, including a launch mode. There are even modes like ‘beginner mode’, which allows you to limit the speed to 75mph, or the ‘valet mode’, which limits the speed to 50mph and locks up the settings.  Overall, it provides a smooth ride, almost like a Cadillac, said some spokespeople.  

On the Exterior of Mercedes Benz EQS

The Mercedes Benz EQS is an all-electric sedan. It looks big and massive, and some people have even said that “It is like driving a boat…”. The EQS has 2 sunroofs, one in the front and the other in the back.

While driving, it can help in various aspects, like turning, as both the front and back axle can turn. The rear axle can turn up to 10 degrees. It has a Maybach-styled downslope which decreases its drag and helps maximize efficiency. 

Fun Fact The Mercedes Benz EQS holds the record for the production car with the lowest drag coefficient at 0.202. 

Mercedes Benz EQS Exterior

On the Interior of Mercedes Benz EQS

The interior is where all the fun is at. To put it simply, the interior is stunning. We will be going over every detail of the interior. Let’s take a look at what all the interior has to provide.

  • Luxury

As expected with all Mercedes models, the EQS also doesn’t fail to disappoint. The EQS comes with a comfy interior. It features comfortable seats, which are heated and well-ventilated. The seats are completely adjustable, and the AI in the car learns your preference. 

Mercedes Benz EQS Interior

The fans in the seat allow you have a good and relaxing drive. Moreover, this merc takes it one step forward and even has hot stone messaging seats for the driver and the front passenger. Also, everyone in the car has an infotainment system, even for the person who sits in the middle. 

Fun Fact The doors in the EQS are automatic and can be closed by walking away or holding the brake.

  • Technology

Tech is a part of the EQS. For the driver, it features a HUD or a Heads up display, which shows the driver various aspects, like the speed, speed limit, navigation, and many more. Like all the cars nowadays, the EQS has cameras all around it, allowing you to get a 360-degree view of the things around the car. 

It also rocks in terms of connectivity, as it features 8 USB-type C ports. It also features 2 Wireless chargers, one in the front and the other in the back. It even features an NFC allowing you to connect to the car directly. Security is key in the 21st century. The EQS has fingerprint sensors that can control the center console. 

To talk about the infotainment system, it has different functions, from controls for the car to various games and apps are available.  

Fun Fact To adjust the gull-wing mirrors in the EQS, you just have to look at the mirror and modify it according to your preference by using the controls on the side of the driver’s door.

  • Lighting

The lighting in this car is superb. There are LEDs all around the cabin. It gives off ambient lighting. It even can be adjusted to your liking, for example, if you want a particular color when you are accelerating, you can change it to the desired color using the management system.

Everywhere you look you will be able to see LEDs, from the footwell to the dashboard of the car. For every person, there is a controllable reading light, in which you can adjust the location, brightness, and area of the light.

  • Functionality

The AI in the car can understand who is in the seat, by the profiles you can make on it. These profiles allow you to choose your preferences and relay them immediately. Every seat in the EQS has its audio. It also has voice commands, which even replies to the specific person who asked it. 

The assistant is top-notch. It can do many things, even saying jokes. The assistant is initiated by saying ‘Hey Mercedes’. The AI can even learn patterns and make suggestions.

Fun Fact If you want some sound, there are 3 sound profiles that the car has that do produce sound, that is Silver Waves, Vivid Flux, and Roaring Pulse. This feature is installed to satisfy customers who like to hear the rumbling of the engine.

  • The Dashboard

The elephant in the room, the dashboard. The dashboard is unlike anything that we have seen in the latest cars. The dashboard is massive. It features a 55-inch hyper screen, which is 3 screens in one glass frame. One of those screens is an LCD, and the other two are OLED displays. 

Mercedes Benz EQS Dashboard

It displays driving info, like acceleration, battery, range, and many more. The steering wheel also has a button and touch controls. 

The Pricing of Mercedes Benz EQS

The price of the EQS is expected to be in the range of a hundred grand, that is $100,000. The prices are still not made public, but public bookings are open.

Winding -Up

The Mercedes Benz EQS is a really good car, especially if you are looking to go all green. The car is duked out with features, left-right, and center. Once released, it will, no doubt, be a major competitor in the EV market.


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