QuietKat Apex – Best Electric Hunting Bike

QuietKat Apex – Best Electric Hunting Bike

The QuietKat Apex is quite unique from the other E-bikes. This e-bike is designed for traveling the path less taken in something like a sea of commuters, cruisers, folding e-bikes, and more. In some cases, such roads won’t even have pavement.

The QuietKat Apex is an electric bike designed to travel places few other electric bikes cannot, even though many riders view electric bikes as a fantastic way to get to work and do chores. The QuietKat Apex can access areas that no truck can, making it ideal for hunters and anglers who venture into the woods in search of wildlife and fish.

In our review of the QuietKat Apex, we’ll look at the little things that set it apart from other e-bikes. This is no regular e-bike, and the price reflects that. It has a 750W mid-drive motor, ultra-powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, a 9-speed drivetrain, and a suspension fork with 150mm of adjustment.

The QuietKat Apex is worthy of further investigation for anyone who has fantasized of riding an e-bike to regions that are too remote for a quad.

Because of its immense power and adaptability, the QuietKat Apex e-bike stands out. With a loaded rack or when towing a trailer, this bike can quickly and efficiently climb steep hills. Each component has been chosen to facilitate difficult terrain riding.

Build Quality & Durability of the QuietKat Apex

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The Quietkat Apex 1000’s tyres are the standout component in terms of durability. With a capital F, they are fat. They are wide, measuring 26″, but we loved the thickness. They provide far better balance and stability than regular fat tyres because they are significantly thicker at 4.5″.

All-terrain electric bikes like the QuietKat Apex are designed to travel in remote areas. When riders abandon the paved road, comfort isn’t necessarily their top priority. Usually, control or capability come first. The QuietKat Apex is fantastic for getting outdoor enthusiasts to fishing spots and hunting blinds, but it’s also great for just exploring off-the-beaten-path locations.

With 26 x 4.5-inch Kenda Juggernaut tyres and a suspension fork with 150mm of travel, the Apex is surprisingly comfortable even over difficult terrain. Being in charge of a bike surely contributes to comfort. These choices are aimed to make the bike more manageable when things get bumpy. It’s important to note that the size small Apex has 24-inch wheels, making it simpler for smaller riders to control the bike.

Battery, Motor & Drivetrain of QuietKat Apex

The QuietKat Apex is a very potent electric bike. Since mid-drive motors add power before the drivetrain and gears multiply as the effect of the motor, mid-drive e-bikes don’t need a particularly powerful motor. A mid-drive e-bike with a 750W motor is definitely quite powerful. Its capacity for ascent will stick in the mind.


The extra 1000W motor from QuietKat does not fit into any of the three main categories for e-bikes. This caliber of performance would enable a hunter to drag a six-point deer on a trailer out of the woods.

Depending on the rider’s weight and the terrain, QuietKat predicts that the Apex will travel between 24 and 48 miles on a single charge; this is acceptable considering the motor’s capability.

A powertrain capable of handling this much power is required for an e-bike. A step up from the 8-speed drivetrains often found in this pricing range is the SRAM 9-speed drivetrain. It will be dependable when you are far from home because of the superior materials and broader variety of gear.

Braking, Safety & Warranty of QuietKat Apex

Again, even without upgrading to the 1000W engine, this is an e-bike with very high power. More power might result in increased speed or a higher ability to tow a load. In either case, stopping such a bike demands some additional power, and in this instance, the Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes deliver that power. Normally, hydraulic disc brakes have two pistons—one on the left and one on the right—but these have four pistons—two on the right and two on the left—so that larger brake pads may be pushed.


The existence of the Tektro discs demonstrates the attention to detail QuietKat made into creating the Apex. Nothing more than those Tektro brakes can attest to the safety features of this bike.

Lifelong on the frame and one year (or 1000 miles) on all parts and labor are the warranties, which are consistent with those we find from bike shop brands. Although the extended service contracts essentially do away with the requirement for a warranty, it is a solid warranty.

Price of QuietKat Apex

The QuietKat Apex comes in at $5500 .


This is a high-end E-bike, and the pricing reflects that. Anyone who wonders if it’s wise to invest $5000 upwards on an e-bike should think about switching to another model. And for many riders, the expense will go beyond just buying the QuietKat Apex. For sportsmen, QuietKat offers additional packages specific to their activities. Not to mention those extended service plans, which are a wise investment.

The QuietKat Apex is a powerful bike. Given its potential strength, even the toughest truck routes ought to be manageable. The quietness and maneuverability of this e-bike make it a better transportation choice than any other E-bike. It operates almost silently, unlike a truck or a quad, making it less likely to startle the prey.

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