Tata Tigor Ziptron EV Preview- Specs, Performance & Price 

Tata Tigor Ziptron EV Preview- Specs, Performance & Price 

On 31st August 2021, Tata Electric Motors launched Tata Tigor Ziptron EV in India and thus it emerged as the most commercial e-vehicle in the car maker’s array. It is the updated version of regular Tigor that boosted with the Ziptron technology. The former model with 75V battery was only available for the fleet owners, government agencies, and commercial buyers then rebranded as Xpres-T EV. Later, Tata powered Nexon EV with Ziptron technology for individual buyers. Their only target is to lend smooth transition and placid cruise for former IC engine users. Though, due to decent safety measures and other aspects, it scored 4 stars in Global NCAP testing

Exterior Of Tata Tigor Ziptron EV

The outer appearance of the Tata Tigor Ziptron EV resembles its ICE brother but looks better. The color variants that are available are Signature Teal blue color and Daytona Grey color with black colored roof. The dimensions are equivalent to that of a regular one with a length of 3,993 mm, a width of 1677 mm, a height of 1,532 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,480 mm. The lustrous blue highlights distinguished the fastback-shaped Ziptron from the standard Tigor. It comes with a newly designed bumper with a tri-arrow motif pattern and LED DRLS with fog lamps.

Tata Tigor Ziptron EV Design

The electric-themed bandage on the lattice, sides, and rear of the car is different from the previous model. There is a new grille at the front which is similar to the Nexon EV, but it lacks LED headlamps and sports halogen projector lamps. The shiny blue high spots have been designed the chrome line below the grille, headlamps together with the chrome around the fog lamps. Tigor EV holds 14-inch steel wheels covered with classic caps whereas the former one has 15-inch alloys in top trim. But, it’s not featured with sunroofs or a set of alloy wheels but has low rolling resistance tires that help to reduce the loss of energy while rolling and thus improve fuel efficiency.

Interior of Tata Tigor Ziptron EV

There are no such features that could pay off the price point even the dual black and white theme remains the same in which the blue accents are added newly. Although, this stylish blue accents around the air vents, infotainment bezel, and digital instrumentation blend well with the dark stitching of seats that mitigate staining. The door panels and front part of the dashboard are dark in color whereas cream color is depicted at the lowest part. The airy and spacious inner cabin renders extra comfort to taller passengers even though it could only accommodate 4 adults and a child. The absence of a Rotary dial helped much in stretching up the space in the central tunnel.

Height adjustment could be done at the driver’s seat, but there is no provision for rear headrests. Similarly, the backseat has armrests but, no AC vents and USB charging points. There is no headrest for the middle seat at the rear, whereas the two edge seats have got bigger ones.

Tata Tigor Ziptron EV Interior

A spongy steering wheel that can react accurately even at three-digit speed, soft elbow rests, headliner and seats elevate the cozy feeling. Tigor is also highlighted with e-boot unlock, rear parking camera, auto-folding ORVM, cooled glove box. It also has a 7 inch Harman buttonless screen infotainment system with 4 speakers and 4 tweeters that could connect to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Z connects app which is more invigorating than the former system. The digits and EV-specific information in the instrument cluster are clear enough to read. The company offers a large boot space of 316 liters, a spare wheel, and a compliment puncture kit.

Battery, Range, and Charging of Tata Tigor Ziptron EV

As we mentioned before, Tata Tigor Ziptron is purchasable for personal mobility other than the fleet operators, so the target must be on its performance. Hence, it makes use of Ziptron technology and draws power from a 26 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery that claims 306 km in single charge itself, appreciably this improved factor is alluring. But, the size of the battery is comparatively lesser than the Nexon’s 30.2 kWh and this is done to cope with the car’s dimension and price. Even though, the ARAI range of 306 km is not much lesser than the Nexon’s. The weatherproof battery could get 80 % charged by a 25 kW CCS2 in 65 minutes, but it would take 8 hours and 45 minutes through the regular three-pin socket. The first half of the 26 kWh, IP67 rated battery is in boot space and the rear part is placed under the flat floor.

Tata Tigor Ziptron EV Engine

The dial on the center console benefits to turn between the 2 drive modes- Drive mode and Sport mode, also between neutral and reverse. Drive is applicable in hustle-less cities, whereas the sport mode in adventurous spots claims 0-60 kmph in 5.7 seconds.

Ride and Handling of Tata Tigor Ziptron EV

The humble and tamed performance of Tata is very much magnificent than the Nexon despite the fact that it carries a stronger motor and a bigger battery. Tata offers smooth and erect drive without causing any jerking movements and makes us feel like we’re running a petrol-powered vehicle. The 170 nm torque and 74 ps are quite lower than the 129 ps and 250 nm of Nexon.

The ride and handling package with pleased steering and suspension are the magnificent qualities of the drive experience by making use of quick response from the throttle and pedal.

Regenerative braking is accessible and the level of braking is displayed on the right side of the instrument cluster, also has a Single-step Recuperation setting in default mode. It helps in attaining a clean braking experience in cities with the help of the front Disc brake and Rear Drum brake.

Tata Tigor Ziptron EV Airbag

Dual airbags, reverse parking sensors, ABS & EBD as standard, hill ascent, hill ascent control, rear parking camera are too exhibited along with the modified steering and suspension for navigation at a steady pace.

Price of Tata Tigor Ziptron EV

Tata Tigor Ziptron EV Price

Tata Tigor Ziptron EV is out of a premium and offbeat cabin, hence it might be expensive for the ones who are used to vehicles having an Internal combustion engine. On the other hand, if the comparison goes with EV vehicles and in terms of performance and packaging, Tata Tigor Ziptron is the ideal one for you with a satisfactory price tag.

  • Tata Tigor XE – Rs 11.99 lakh
  • Tata Tigor XM – Rs 12.49 lakh
  • Tata Tigor XZ Plus – Rs 12.99 lakh
  • Tata Tigor XZ Plus Dual-tone – Rs 13.14 lakh


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