Toutche Heileo M200 – Best Electric Mountain Bike

Toutche Heileo M200 – Best Electric Mountain Bike

A stylish alloy electric mountain bike with a strong 11.6ah lithium-ion battery is the Toutche Heileo M200. Toutche is a brand-new player in the electric bicycle market. This Indian company specializes in battery-powered electric bicycles. Three models—two MTBs and one hybrid—have been introduced by Toutche. Here is the review of the Toutche Heileo M200 Electric MTB

Design of Toutche Heileo M200

The Toutche Heileo M200 that was for a test drive had a completely black frame with secondary graphics and text colors of yellow and white. The paint job had a matte finish and was of excellent grade. The battery’s design and the bottom tubes ensure that they visually blend together as one unit. The LED console had a clean, uncluttered appearance.

It is one of the lightest and most attractive electric mountain bikes on the market thanks to its 17.5″ inch Aluminum Alloy frame. The bike only weighs about 21 kg, but it can easily support a load of up to 125 kg.

Toutche Heileo M200 Design

Gears in Toutche Heileo M200

The drivetrain on this electric bicycle is a straightforward 1×6-Speed. This indicates that the rear derailleur is a 6-Speed Shimano Tourney and there is no front derailleur. Generally speaking, gears assist in changing the pedaling pressure. This 6-Speed gear is useful for both exercising and making pedaling easier in the event that the battery dies mid-ride. The Shimano shifters are straightforward and simple to use, with distinct gear indicators.

Battery and Motor of Toutche Heileo M200

The rear brushless DC rear hub motor of the M200 is powered by an 11.6Ah Lithium-Ion battery. This battery is detachable and mounted on the top tube of the frame. This battery is readily installed and removed utilizing a straightforward lock and key system. The three different Pedal Assist settings allow you to regulate how much power the battery produces. The thumb throttle on the left side near the grip starts to work only after the motor is activated by pedaling once. To turn on the motor and then the throttle after releasing the thumb throttle, one must pedal once more. Quick acceleration from a stop can be a little challenging in this situation.

The aid levels, walking mode, and battery level indications are displayed on the handlebar’s LED display.

This battery can go 50–60 km in throttle mode and 60–70 km in Pedal Assist mode on a single full charge. Due to the various riding circumstances and rider weight, these mileages will vary. The maximum speed with the throttle alone is 25 km/h, and the speed can be increased while utilizing the pedal assist. Using any typical Indian plug point, this battery will charge from 0% to 100% in 2.5 to 3 hours. The battery’s charging port is on its left side, and the battery may be taken out and charged individually.

Toutche Heileo M200 Electric Bike

The battery is detachable. You will have to pay $21,500 for a new battery when this one expires ( Ex- GST). The Samsung cells make the battery a little more pricey. In order for the battery to fit properly and give the bike an exquisite appearance, it was smoothly merged with a bespoke down tube. Additionally, sophisticated BMS software has been utilized to increase battery efficiency; yet, as a result of all of these factors, the price is significantly higher.

Brake and Steering in Toutche Heileo M200

The Toutche Heileo M200’s stopping power is handled by Repute branded Mechanical Disc brakes at the front and rear. This is a performance-focused brake component and provided powerful stopping power during the test ride.

Toutche Heileo M200 Display Feature

The handlebar on this bicycle was of perfect length to give an ‘open-chested’ riding posture and easy maneuvering. The grips are cushioned for added comfort.

Wheels and Saddle of Toutche Heileo M200

MTB tires measuring 27.5″ x 2.125″ are mounted on the Heileo. These tires are ideal for rocky roads and trails since they roll quickly and have a lot of treads. These alloy double-walled rims are sturdy enough to withstand winding roadways. The Toutche stock saddle was attractively created for extended riding without soreness.

Price of Toutche Heileo M200

The Toutche Heileo M200 comes in at Rs 57,900.


This hardtail electric mountain bike is stylish and easy to ride because the battery is integrated into the bottom tube. The 11.6Ah battery has a strong thumb throttle for rapid acceleration and a practical 3-level pedal assist. At 20–25 km/h, the Repute Mechanical Disc brakes were strong enough to rapidly stop this bicycle. The Toutche Heileo M200 is an alloy electric mountain bike with a price of Rs. 57,900 (as of 22 November 2019). It is great for commuting, exercising, and leisure rides.


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