Fisker Ocean EV SUV – Features, Specs, Design & Price

Fisker Ocean EV SUV – Features, Specs, Design & Price

It’s no suspicion that electric SUVs have blown the market and incited a boom in sales, currently, the Fisker Ocean EV car is also striking the headlines. Fisker, Inc., based in California, was founded by Henrik Fisker in 2016 to create luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Fisker’s all-electric SUV is known as the Ocean. Fisker focuses on solid-state battery technology, allowing more miniature battery packs with more excellent range and significantly faster charging times than lithium-ion vehicles.

With everyday advancements in technology, Fisker is another measure towards great innovation, a phenomenal electric, small SUV with five passenger seats, an extraordinary creation of Henrik Fisker, who is very prominent for his designs and creations of a sports car.

Fisker Ocean EV Design

The car seems to be very decent yet stylish at a very sufficient price. Firstly, the Fisker Ocean EV is anticipated to initiate its sales from $37,499. Which makes it quite desirable for the pocket. This high-performance car has three efficient range ratings and power. According to sources, Fisker Ocean EV will have 250 miles of range and 275 horsepower for a completely charged vehicle.

The exterior of Fisker Ocean EV

Designed by the famed automaker Henrik Fisker, the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV is a practical yet modern take on a traditional SUV. With a clean and bold design; the Ocean features a sharp-looking grill at the front with separate lights and headlights. While the back displays a softer and Wider look.

Fisker Ocean EV Solar

It has a crispy, sleek, clean look. Wheels at the corners’ design and boxy proportions stand out with a longish 115-inch wheelbase. It has a full solar sky roof which can produce up to 1,500 clean, emissions-free miles per year. The sides are sleek, accompanying minimalist lines that significantly enhance the vehicle’s performance at higher speed. Although the vehicle comes with multiple appealing exterior features including pressed carbon wheels and the exclusive Califomia Mode with higher variants, perhaps most revolutionary is the full-length SolarSky roof along with the PowerBank system.

Interior of Fisker Ocean EV

Fisker Ocean EV SUV

At present times, the world is working towards sustainability, and so is Fisker. The Fisker Ocean’s interior is constructed using recycled materials which also include plastic, renewed rubber, and clothing. This is inevitably a very wise and environmentally friendly twist towards the automobile industry. Not just this, but even the cabin inside this car is futuristic and elegant.

The Fisker Ocean EV car will have a 17.1-inch touch screen Control Panel on the Dash control panel, But this particular feature is only available in the Fisker Ocean premium version. The car has a capacity to fit 5. Fisker Ocean Ev has plenty of room inside it.

Fisker Ocean EV 2023

Battery and Charging in Fisker Ocean EV

The practice of standard equipment with valuable quality control measures is a key highlight of this car. Now one of the very distressing factors in an electric car is its battery. But with Fisker Ocean, you won’t be having any second thoughts. Majorly because the luxury car incorporates a lithium-ion battery which is supplied from a Chinese battery manufacturer, Contemporary Amperex Technology Company.  The company is very notable for its arena in electric car batteries. To provide the owner the free charging (undefined amount) Fisker teamed up with Electrify America. To give their every model a unique driving experience they deliver each Ocean model its own driving mode.

Although it comes with a variety of battery sizes, it’s not confirmed by Fisker how much capacity each battery holds. The estimate is it can go as high as 350 miles. Interestingly, the Fisker Ocean models will also have solar roof panels, worthy of replenishing 1500 to 2000 miles of range, which is substantially cost-effective.

Solar Roof of Fisker Ocean EV

Fisker Ocean EV Charge Solar Roof

With the full-length Solar Sky roof on the Fisker Ocean, you can harvest the sun’s rays to generate free energy to power the vehicle’s battery-powered motor. When fully exposed to the sun, the Fisker Ocean Extreme’s Solar Sky can generate up to 1,500 clean, emissions-free miles per year, with the potential to exceed 2000 miles in ideal conditions.

Power Bank in Fisker Ocean EV

According to Fisker, the Ocean’s battery can charge in both directions. The abilities of Ocean’s battery make it an outstanding backup energy source by supplying power to other EVs or even the customer’s home in an emergency or to help offset peak electricity costs.

Fisker Ocean EV Charging Station

Speed in Fisker Ocean EV

The base trim, which is starting at $ 37499, comes with a single motor Wheel drive system at 275  horsepower. According to Fisker, it can accelerate from O to 60 MPH in 6.9 seconds and has a 250-mile range. The mid-range trim Which is starting at $ 49999, Will have540 a horsepower dual motor all wheels drive setup that can accelerate. From O to 60 in 3.9 seconds and has a 340-mile range. The premium trim which is starting at $68999 will Come with the same motor arrangement but rated at 550  horsepower and with 350 miles of range.

Safety features in Fisker Ocean EV

Fisker Ocean EV Features

Safety is a big skepticism for driving such cars, fortunately, Fisker Ocean operates radar, cameras, dubbed intelligent pilots, and ultrasonic sensors. It comprises emergency brakes, assistance for keeping in the lane, traffic sign recognition, and a 360-degree parking camera to access the confining view. Overall, it is a relatively decent, valuable, impressive, and well-developed car with all the favorable ambitions for sustainability.

How sustainable is the Fisker Ocean EV?

The Fisker Ocean EV is the world’s most environmentally sustainable SUV, with a beautifully crafted interior made entirely of ethically sourced, upcycled materials. High-quality upholstery, carpets, and interior details made from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled plastics greet you in the eco-friendly cabin. They reduce the carbon footprint of these fabrics by using recycled source material whenever possible.

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