Tesla Model S Review – Specs, Performance, Price & Launch Date in India

Tesla Model S Review – Specs, Performance, Price & Launch Date in India

Tesla’s iconic Model S sedan was the first fully-electric sedan introduced in the market that proved that electric vehicles could be a possibility and fun-to-drive on roads. The Model S lived up to the expectations and has instore even better for 2021. Depending on which version you choose, the Model S can run from 348 to 520 miles in a single charge delivering praise-worthy acceleration performance that beats some of the leading world’s best cars. 

Tesla Model S Review India

Tesla has more practical models like the Model Y SUV and Model 3 Sedan, but its Model S remains the center of attraction of this brand. Its spacious interior design is good for adults to ride comfortably. Some buyers praise its athletic chassis, Ludicrous driving mode in its top-spec version, and amazing driving range. These features are enough to make it the best seller in Tesla’s Electric Vehicle line.

Tesla Model S is available in three variants- 75D, 100D, and P100D. All three variants come with a single-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive as a part of the standard list. 

Exterior of Tesla Model S

Model S is a fully-electric vehicle built from the ground with robust material, smart architecture, and a floor-mounted durable battery pack that protects drivers from all corners. 

Tesla Model S Interior Review

The automatic door handles auto-opens upon riders’ approach and closes down when riders move away. It comes with the lowest drag coefficient on the planet.  

It becomes quite difficult to drive on busy roads. Model S has been designed to keep tight spots in view. It is light-weight and compact.  

Interior of Tesla Model S

Model S is listed amongst expensive cars so buyers would expect to see some luxuries inside the car. The atmosphere inside the cabins is nice.

Tesla Model S Interior Review

The Model S’s clever roofline hides a rear liftgate that opens up to a 26-cubic-foot trunk. You will be surprised to note that you can keep as many as eight of your carry-on-size cases without folding the rear seats. 

Model S is going to be the best pick for buyers who prefer miniaturization. It comes with a huge 17-inches infotainment screen that can control most of the functions of the vehicle like controlling climate, audio system, hands-free phone, and much more. Technology-lovers would simply love this car. There are features that can be controlled using the buttons on the steering wheel or giving a voice command. The display screen is positioned on the dashboard require the driver’s attention to reach certain icons, especially those in the top right of the display.

The driving position is good, and the seats are comfortable enough for 7 people to sit comfortably during the long-hours run.  

The engine of Tesla Model S

The model S unlike other fully electric vehicles offer all-wheel drive in all models. The Acceleration of all variants ranges from best to outstanding. 2020 Model S Performance test vehicle could reach 0-60mph in just 2.4seconds. 

Model S will also come in a powerful Plaid model with a third electric motor to increase the combined output of all three to 1100 horsepower. Tesla hasn’t come up with this model yet but the company claims that it can reach 0-60mph in less than 2seconds. If this happens, it will become the first model to reach 60 mph so quickly. 

Tesla Model S Engine Review

The standard Model S is more of a sports sedan that comes with controlled body motions and direct steering. There are two different settings that allow drivers to choose from light or heavy steering effort. Riding in this car is comfortable. 

The major difference between Model S Variants (75D, 100D, P100D) is their battery pack and the performance motor (top-spec P100D only). The 75D comes with a battery pack of 75 kWh supporting a range of up to 489km, a 225kmph top-speed, and can reach 0-100kmph in just 4.2 seconds. The 100D, on the other hand, comes with a battery pack of 100 kWh, with a range of 632km, 250kmph (limited), and can reach 0-100kmph in just 4.1 seconds. The P100d is a performance motor version (top-model) that comes with the same 100 kWh battery that can support a range up to 613km, 250kmph top-speed, and can reach 0-100kmph is just 2.5 seconds.

Safety in Tesla Model S

When it comes to safety, Tesla has never compromised with the technology. The Model S safety rating for crash-test is pretty decent from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

Some of the key safety features that make this luxury car one of the best picks are a Standard automated emergency braking system, a Standard lane-departure warning system, and an adaptive cruise control system to drive on highways with semi-autonomous driving mode.

360degrees rear, side, and forward camera for easy visibility, 160m forward-facing radar to alert drivers of the distant objects, 12 ultrasonic sensors to protect drivers from a collision, and help with parking, and the safety list go on and on. 

Pricing of Tesla Model S

The estimated price of the Tesla Model S is Rs.1.5 Cr. No information on its on-road price has been revealed by the company so far.  The company is planning to launch it in July 2021.


No one can deny that Tesla’s Model S is an impressive achievement from a company whose only previous milestone was a Lotus Elise-based roadster. Considerable range, robust construction, decent handling, and latest tech advancements have made Model S turns head when the drivers ride it smoothly on the road. 

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