TVS IQube Electric – A Detailed Review Of Indian Electric Scooter

TVS IQube Electric – A Detailed Review Of Indian Electric Scooter

TVS IQube Electric marked its debut last year. With the COVID pandemic impacting the lives of millions of people, working from home has become a part of the new normal. The need for mobility for personal use has increased dramatically. We are at last getting choices in Electric scooters! The one being reviewed here is called iQube.

The iQube Electric scooter is TVS’ legitimate entry to the Indian electric Scooter space. Indeed, TVS starting its shift to e-portability is no joking matter; however, we were more interested in whether the iQube itself makes quite a bit of an effect. 

Features of TVS IQube Electric


The main highlight of TVS IQube is the TFT instrumentation. It gets Bluetooth availability, and the screen illustrations are decipherable, significantly under direct daylight. With Bluetooth, the committed iQube application shows incoming call alarms, SMS notices, and navigation systems on the screen. 

TVS iQube Electric scooter Screen

The application likewise includes Geo-fencing, trip information recording, battery charge status, range, and much more. The bike’s park assistance function can be seen through this screen, which will allow you to sneak it forward or invert. 

It indeed feels more premium than the LCD show on the Bajaj Chetak and comparable to the one on the Ather. Though the screen takes time to begin displaying the data, we are hopeful that future OTA updates will fix this issue. 

Design and Styling 

Since the time the iQube was uncovered, it’s been attracting buyers’ remarks about the styling. To best portray it, it seems as though it’s been intended to be a modern item; however, it arrived almost 10 years before. Furthermore, that is not a long way from reality; indeed, TVS exhibited it in idea structure back in 2012. The tight, flat front lamp and tail-light look are unique in themselves. The rest of the design and style is straightforward. It almost feels like TVS has intentionally kept this design to target purchasers of a more extensive age segment. We’ve seen the organization adopt a similar strategy with its famous 110cc bike, the Jupiter. 

TVS iQube Electric scooter Space

Performance and Speed 

While riding, the bike will leave you very intrigued, particularly with regards to the speed increase. The center point mounted engine is made by Bosch and has a pinnacle power yield of 4.4kW. This is a decent lot higher than that of the Chetak’s 4.08kW engine, yet the iQube’s throttle reaction feels moment and isn’t just about as delicately conveyed as the Bajaj when you first open the gas pedal. Notwithstanding, it’s more as per quick, as opposed to jerky, and keeping in mind that we assume it may take some time, but people will like it for sure. 

Acceleration in Both Modes: 

Economy and Power is very similar. The main distinction between the two is the cutoff on the maximum speed. In the economy, you can go up to 45kph, and this is also where TVS guarantees that you will get a scope of 75km. Maximum speed will go up to a speedo-demonstrated 80kph in Power mode. However, the reach is said to go down to 55km here. 

TVS iQube Electric scooter Tyre

Another feature that we liked is the performance doesn’t go down radically with a drop in control. We figured out how to hit a speedo-showed 70kph even with only 16km of reach staying, as indicated by the TFT display screen. The iQube additionally doesn’t cut throttle input when on the brakes, unlike all Chinese bikes. That means movement at low speed will not be an issue. 

LED-driven Lights

As has turned into the norm with electric vehicles, the iQube gets LED fueled lights in general. These gave off an impression of being very splendid in the daytime, yet we’ll need to scrutinize the front light for a street test when we get the bike. Talking about lights, the iQube likewise gets one under the seat, yet it just lights up with the key at the start. This implies you need to remove the key from the seat lock along the edge of the bike and set it back into the opening to illuminate the boot. Just like other bikes, you also get a USB charging space under the seat. TVS confirms that the under extra seat room fits a full-face helmet. 

TVS iQube Electric scooter charger

Engine and Battery of TVS IQube Electric

Center-mounted engines are typically viewed as negatives as compared to frame-mounted units. However, the iQube appears to have no issue. We figured out how to climb a 10-degree slant with a pillion on low charge at around 35kph, which isn’t terrible. One more mishap generally knowledgeable about utilizing center-mounted engines is that they upset the weight conveyance. Since the weight is at the back tire, it doesn’t feel like a characteristic bike. However, TVS has worked effectively concealing this.  

The battery is non-removable. However, TVS has shrewdly parted it into three unique packs, one of them situated under the footboard. This brings a portion of the weight-inclination towards the front, and the organization also says that the twin back safeguards help the iQube drive feel normal.  

TVS iQube Electric scooter Battery

Each iQube electric scooter comes with a home charger as a part of its standard accessory. It requires around 5 hours to charge the battery, and there’s no quick charging choice. Again, this home charger is RFID-enacted, which guarantees that no one abuses it when it’s unattended. The charger, battery packs, and the battery executive’s framework have been assembled in-house, except the cells in the battery packs that have been sourced from LG in Korea. 

Should you Buy TVS IQube Electric or Not? 

At Rs 1.15 lakh (on-street, Bengaluru), the TVS iQube is somewhat less expensive than the top-spec Bajaj Chetak and more reasonable than the new Ather 450X. You may need to work on the yearly membership cost that TVS will come up with soon. This membership cost also is relied upon to be substantially less than whatever Ather is requesting, and it is expected to be somewhere near Rs 900 every year. The bike is just accessible in Bengaluru, and TVS plans to introduce it into other cities soon. 

So, we can say that TVS IQube Electric Scooter is an essential, stylish-looking driving companion that comes with a restricted reach because of its battery-powered nature. If you are looking forward to an electric bike from an Indian producer, then, at that point, this bike is presently the best choice accessible to you.

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